Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mary Indiana: Kindle Book of the Day 11/24

An interesting take off on the classic virgin birth story, Mary Indiana by author Anneke Campbell has a modern twist and a complete reinvisioning that makes this novel a unique Christmas tale all on its own. Not particularly religious, the story molds itself to its readers tastes, allowing them tosee what they want to see in this compelling holiday tale of a struggling expectant mother. Don't miss it!

Name: Mary Indiana
Rating: 4.6 stars over 15 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: If you want a good cry and a great story about the true meaning of Christmas, we recommend A CHRISTMAS CAROL This author’s going for something entirely different, something much more sophisticated and contemporary—yet utterly, deliciously irresistible. Not to mention as funny as "Sketchy Santas." This is a book about human foibles at Christmas, more in the vein of LOVE, ACTUALLY than "Miracle on 34th Streetl": some characters are doing their best, some are rapscallions, nobody’s a saint, and everybody’s fun to watch..

Here’s the set-up: A pregnant virgin in the Twenty-First Century arrives seeking shelter in a small town in December. Sound like a complete cheesefest? Or else a totally irreverent satire? It’s neither. Guaranteed! You could call it an oddly REVERENT, (though thankfully uncheesy) satire. Or you could just call it The Thinking Person’s Christmas Story. Trust us, this story offers un-dreamt-of pleasures.

Suitable for all faiths, including true believers of any sort, but also the apostate, the pagan, the devoutly heathen, those who make a religion of hating Christmas, and those who start Christmas shopping in July. It’s so good it comes with guarantees.

Reviews: "Anneke Campbell's book is an unexpected delight. What a funny take on the Virgin birth story, and a moving story about community coming together in spite of themselves. In a gently humorous way, the author is pointing to how we should be treating each other in these difficult times. I like how the tone of this novel is both reverent and irreverent. I like how Mary is a mystery that I keep wanting to solve."

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