Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kindle Freebie: Darkin 11/17

Here's your chance to pick up Joseph Turkot's Darkin: A Journey East for FREE! In a land without heroes, can a slave and a hermit save the world? This is one magical adventure you won't want to miss! Grab your free copy now and enjoy!

Name: Darkin: A Journey East
Rating: 5.0 stars over 3 reviews
Price: FREE
Description: The greatest dark wizard, long thought dead, has risen anew; in his wake marches the vast army of the Feral Brood. None could have foreseen the total evil set to descend upon Darkin.

A long age of peace has left the land devoid of heroes. Slavery has taken hold of the world’s commerce. All hope rests in the rebellious spirit of one slave.

Alien bloodlust besieges Adacon late one night—an impulse drives him to murder his guards and set out to find and kill his oppressers. Escaping into wilds unknown, he realizes the great peril awaiting him.

A strange hermit appears from under a sand dune, claiming to know “magic.” He believes that if they work together, they can build a band of warriors powerful enough to change the fate of the world. Can they find any still harboring valor and chivalry in their hearts?—or will their quest be for nought, ending in the ruin of the world?

Reviews: "This novel is sure not to disappoint anyone who enjoys fantasy, adventure or just plain good storytelling. The fluidity with which Turkot writes makes this a novel that is hard to put down once started. The reader quickly becomes invested in Adacon and emotionally tied to his struggle. The struggle for freedom is one that has reverberated with people throughout history and it is one that will continue to inspire for as long as people remain on Earth. This is a struggle that Turkot has captured, through the medium of fantasy, and made intriguing, enjoyable and inspirational for the reader."

Get your free copy of Darkin: A Journey East!

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