Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 More Free Kindle Books for 11/7

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Sign up for Friday Free Book Emails here!

Warrior's Lady - Historical
3.8 stars over 12 reviews
Description: Camden Lockhart vowed to eliminate the Ruthven clan after they had destroyed his family. All he had left was a small niece and the legacy of the Charm Stone she carried, but no one knew where the little girl was.

Rhiannon Ruthven came to the abbey to escape the brutality of her brothers and find solace. Instead she found the orphaned Violet Lockhart in need of an escort to her uncle's castle. Rhiannon didn't know it, but she would be walking straight into a nest of assassins.

Watching Rhiannon nearly sacrifice her own life to save another's, Camden knew he could not condemn her to death. He'd have to protect her from the very men he'd hired to kill her. Scottish legend said the Charm Stone had the power to heal, but was it strong enough to unite two wounded hearts?

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HeartsBlood - Urban Fantasy
3.9 stars over 124 reviews
Description: A woman of science.

A man of magic.

Hunted for their HeartsBlood.

HeartsBlood... a love taken to its dangerous conclusion.

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Pups in Tea Cups - Humor
4.7 stars over 38 reviews
Description: Heartwarming stories about man's tiniest friends!

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Oceans Between Us - Romance
4.5 stars over 65 reviews
Description: He's a wealthy Italian celebrity used to dating beautiful women. She's a guesthouse cook without a penny to her name. When tragedy brings them together for a few weeks, an unlikely romance blossoms. But he has commitments that take him back to his jet-setting life, while her future lies in a remote English village. Is it possible for two people from such different walks of life to find a way to be together?

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