Friday, November 30, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for November 30th

A mysterious woman saves Nathan from a storm and helps to turn his life around in Drop Out, a highly rated book you shouldn't miss! Check it out now! 1.99
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A Sea Change - Romance
4.9 stars over 10 reviews
Description: On Salmon Beach, Magic Can Happen: Mermaids Speak and Lives are Transformed.

Maddy Phillips thought she'd lost her past. On Salmon Beach she rediscovered her dreams.

Nick McKay thought he'd lost everything he cared about. On Salmon Beach he unearthed his heart.

Maddy Phillips, alone for the first time in her life, comes to Salmon Beach, Washington to seek refuge from a broken relationship. What she doesn't acknowledge is the loss of something - and someone - much more significant.

Get your free copy of A Sea Change!

Stranger in Town - Thriller
4.9 stars over 9 reviews
Description: He only needed her to look away for a few seconds...               

Six-year-old Olivia Hathaway tiptoes down the center aisle of Maybelle's Market, stopping once to glance over her shoulder and make sure her mother isn't watching. But Mrs. Hathaway is too preoccupied to notice her daughter has slipped away. Moments later, a frantic Mrs. Hathaway runs up and down the aisles, desperately searching for her missing daughter. But little Olivia is already in the arms of a stranger.  Will PI Sloane Monroe find Olivia before it's too late?

Get your free copy of Stranger in Town!

Nice Work - Mystery
4.5 stars over 8 reviews
Description: Jacquidon Carroll is diagnosed with diabetes and laid off from her job all in the same week--but that's nothing compared to becoming a suspect in the murder of her ex-boss Yancey. She becomes convinced that someone recruited from an Internet-based sex site/club that Yancey was active in is the real killer. To clear herself, Jacquidon and her intrepid sister Chantal steal information from the boss's computer and a mysterious journal they find, among other (sleazier) places. The clues lead them through a network of local sex clubs and the seamy underside of the BDSM (S&M) lifestyle. By the time Jacquidon gathers the evidence they need, the murderer is on the same page—and intends to stop her the same way the boss was silenced.

Get your free copy of Nice Work!

The Lucky Escape - Children's
5.0 stars over 14 reviews
Description: Merrin and Pearl's little brother Robbie has swallowed a penny. Now through magic and imagination they find themselves on an adventure through his digestive system where they must grab the penny, save Robbie, and narrowly escape his poopy diaper.

Get your free copy of The Lucky Escape!

Run: A Complete Beginners Guide - Running
4.8 stars over 10 reviews
Description: Learn the first steps to becoming a runner.

Taking your first steps as a runner can be challenging and frustrating without a solid plan. Too many books push you too hard and too fast which can lead to failure. In this book, I show you proven techniques that changed me from being a complete non-runner into a slim, fit, efficient runner in 16 weeks.

Get your free copy of Run: A Complete Beginners Guide!

Word Puzzle for the Holiday Soul: New Kindle Fire Game 11/30

The new incarnation of Word Puzzle is a fantastic holiday-themed puzzle game that you won't want to stop playing! WORD PUZZLE for the HOLIDAY SOUL has 134 brand-new levels with excellent inspirational and motivational quotes. This one has enough challenging gameplay to keep you going through the holidays and beyond! Grab your copy now and enjoy!

Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 0.99
Description: Word Game for the Holidays - Enjoy!

Introducing "Word Puzzle for the Holiday Soul". This is a beautiful inspirational holiday quotes inspired Word Game.

• 134 Inspirational Holiday levels

• 3 topics

• Hours and weeks of Empowering Challenging Fun Game Play!

• Internalize/Absorb Inspiring quotes better by challenged enigmatic Game Play!

On the game board, you are given a holiday quote by great men and women.

The tiles are shuffled and not readable. Your task is to put the tiles back into their places and recover the original quote.

To reconstruct a quote, you must swap the letter tiles until you get every correct words. The tiles can only be swapped vertically in its respective column.

Once the original quote is revealed you level up!

Be Empowered, Motivated, and Inspired by these great quotes from great minds.

Get your free copy of WORD PUZZLE for the HOLIDAY SOUL!

Free Books and Apps for 11/30

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Duke Nukem 3D - FAotD 11/30
4.5 stars over 13 reviews

Pinball Arvcade - Games
4.1 stars over 51 reviews

Mind Games - Games
4.1 stars over 59 reviews
Medicine Men - Nonfiction
5.0 stars over 6 reviews

Operation Bonnet - Contmpr.
4.7 stars over 67 reviews

Battalion - Suspense
4.0 stars over 8 reviews

Drop Out: Kindle Book of the Day 11/30

Drop Out is a beautiful tapestry of life, love, and acceptance that is moving, romantic, and real. In Neil Ostroff's stirring short novel, down-and-out Nathan is rescued from a storm by Miriam, a woman who quickly comes to take a special place in his life. Opening his eyes to truths he never could've guessed, he finds that things can still go wrong even after coming back from the brink. I'd say this is definitely a sleeper hit that is waiting for its chance to shine!

Name: Drop Out
Rating: 4.9 stars over 7 review
Price: $1.99
Description: The room was sparse and dimly lit with the flickering of strawberry-scented candles. Power was out. It had been nearly a decade since Nathan had stood inside someone’s home; since that tragic day when he lost everything that ever mattered to him. Outside, a hurricane sounded like it was beating palm trees against the earth. Nathan didn’t know the woman who’d rescued him from the throes of the deadly storm, but he would soon enough.

Her name is Miriam and she is about to change everything he ever thought about the meaning of life and what lies beyond. Nathan will discover that the strength of love can piece his shattered world back together and heal wounds that cut deep into his soul. But he never figured the perils he and Miriam were about to face by knowing the most horrible knowledge that one can know.

Reviews: "I really enjoyed this book, quick read with memorable characters that stay with you. The pace of writing and level of detail provides for a satisfying reading experience. One of my favorite writers."

Get your copy of Drop Out now!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for November 29th

Abigail exits a bad relationship and enters a strange dream world in the mystery/romance Phantom Lives - Collier! Check it out now! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click! Sign up for Free Book Emails!

A Father's Love - Children's
4.4 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Trapped deep in a forest.

Two children. One bear.

As snow arrives and night closes in. Will their father find them in time?

Get your free copy of A Father's Love!

Offside - Romance
4.3 stars over 11 reviews
Description: When hockey phenom Billie-Jo Barker returns home and decides to play in the local Friday night hockey league, all hell breaks loose. Not because Billie's talent is in question, but because Billie is a woman. And though these are modern times, some of the local guys still have a problem letting a girl into their 'men's club.'

Soon, Billie is at the center of a small town battle of the sexes, with everyone choosing sides. Her sisters. The townsfolk. Her friends. And yet, the only person whose opinion she cares about doesn't seem to care much at all. Logan Forest, the man who broke her heart when she was eighteen and the man she now shares the bench with every Friday night.

She's got a lot to prove and though Billie Jo Barker scores on the ice, will this girl ever score with the man of her dreams?

Get your free copy of Offside!

Battalion - Action
4.1 stars over 8 reviews
Description: The world of the future is short of oil and riven by strife. Scott Pierce is hunting a man known as the Spider - a man intent on destroying the foundations of American democracy. Pierce discovers a terrifying plot to strike at the institutions that safeguard the United States. The Spider has audacious plans to plunge America into anarchy. Isolated, hunted and facing impossible odds, Pierce races to prevent the unfolding attack.

Get your free copy of Battalion!

The Legend of Kimberly: Inheritance - Magic
4.8 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Kimberly is at a loss when her grandfather passes away unexpectedly. Left at the mercy of an abusive father, she is forced to watch as her grandfather's legacy is demolished, piece by piece before her eyes.

The one thing her father cannot touch, however, are the stories of Auviarra, the magical world that made her grandfather's books famous. When Kimberly discovers a magical blade that shouldn't even exist, she is whisked away to a land of heroes and villains. Taken in by a band of misfits, she tries to measure up to the stories she loved so much.

However, something has followed her to Auviarra, a shadow from her grandfather's past. In the process of hunting it down, she soon discovers that she's inherited something other than a magical blade, something that will threaten to undo who she is.

Get your free copy of The Legend of Kimberly: Inheritance!

The Awakening - Western Romance
5.0 stars over 3 reviews
Description: Can a sexy rancher give a young woman hope?

Get your free copy of The Awakening!

5 More Free Kindle Books for 11/29

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Sign up for Free Book Emails here!

Mine at Midnight - Romantic Comedy
4.7 stars over 11 reviews
Description: For Cinderella, the fun ended at midnight, but for one woman that's just when things start heating up...A free-spirited party planner looking to expand her business clashes with her buttoned-down accountant who's trying to get her finances in order--no easy task as she keeps her receipts in Baggies. Sparks fly when these opposites realize they attract!

Get your free copy of Mine at Midnight!

Be Mine For Christmas - Romance
4.8 stars over 13 reviews
Description: Single mom Ellie is lonely and struggling to find a job. She takes her little boy to a Christmas tree farm to see Santa and runs head on into a blue-eyed Viking with a winsome smile.

Get your free copy of Be Mine For Christmas!

There's a Dead Elf in Santa's Workshop - Mystery
4.8 stars over 10 reviews
Description: A toymaker is found dead in the Christmasland Park workshop and co-owner, Derek Shriver is determined to get the case solved before the Christmas season begins. His suspects are the elf's estranged wife, Derek's business partner, S.C., aka Santa Claus, and Santa's wife, Clara, the apple of Derek's eye. Totally out of the blue, Derek is charged with the crime, and while clearing his name he learns there is something skunky beneath the wholesome Christmasland veneer.

Get your free copy of There's a Dead Elf in Santa's Workshop!

A Christmas Gift for Baby - Family
4.8 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Love comes in many forms and all sizes.

A family divided by pride.

A baby on the way.

A gift of sacrifice.

Get your free copy of A Christmas Gift for Baby!

Blue Christmas - Romantic Suspense
4.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Two top undercover agents topple an international illegal arms dealer. Much to the surprise of the two "go it alone" sexy agents, Christmas in Korea is anything but Blue.

Snow Angels, cookie dough (and especially the frosting) plus a big dose of Elvis-- makes for a sizzling Christmas.

Even Blue Christmases can be Red HOT!

Get your free copy of Blue Christmas!

Garden of the Unicorns: New Kindle Fire Game 11/29

Another great hidden object game called Enchanted Garden of the Unicorns is now available on the Kindle Fire! For all those of you who loved Where Faeries Dwell, this one has similarly beautiful artwork, fun gameplay, and various game mode options. Can you spot all of the unicorns?

Title: Hidden Object - Enchanted Garden of the Unicorns
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 0.99
Description: Explore a magical garden full of mystical unicorns! Enchanted Garden of the Unicorns has has 10 beautiful crafted levels packed full of item but as usual we are working on free update that will add additional content! The launch sale will end when we release the update so buy now to get the best price and all future updates for FREE!

Three different modes of play!
-NORMAL mode, Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds!
-CASUAL Mode, nice and relaxing experience.
-CHALLENGE Mode, an extra challenge for those that are willing to accept!

Three ways to find items!
-Find items by their PICTURE. This is the easiest mode and great for kids.
-Find by items by the WORD. This is great if your child is just learning how to read and a slight step up in difficulty for everyone.
-Find items by SILHOUETTE. This is a tricky way to play that will often surprise you once you finally find the correct object.

Get your free copy of Hidden Object - Enchanted Garden of the Unicorns!

Free Books and Apps for 11/29

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Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Sign up for Free Book Emails here!

Polara - FAotD 11/29
4.5 stars over 13 reviews

Let's Bowl 2 - Games
3.8 stars over 158 reviews

Word Thief - Games
No reviews yet
The Bet - Suspense
4.2 stars over 43 reviews

Gehenna - Horror
4.6 stars over 25 reviews

Urban Survival - Nonfiction
4.9 stars over 10 reviews

Collier: Kindle Book of the Day 11/29

A unique and curious romance from author Elizabeth Loraine, Collier is the first book in the exciting Phantom Lives series. Join Abigail Black as she leaves a trouble relationship behind and enters a world in her dreams. Blending historical with the paranormal, this book offers a story like no other. Don't miss this one!

Name: Phantom Lives - Collier
Rating: 4.0 stars over 29 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: After the sudden death of her parents Abigail Black decides to take her life back from her abusive boyfriend, Dallas, and start over. She is drawn south from her childhood home in Memphis into a world she thought only existed in her dreams. Ones that she has had since she was a small child, of a place so real, she could describe everything and everyone in minute detail.

Suddenly she discovers that the place in her dreams really exists and it is calling her to it. Why?
Another page turning adventure from Elizabeth Loraine. Phantom Lives intertwines the modern world with the post Civil War world of Collier, a plantation Abigail has dreamt about her entire life. Now she is about to find out why. It's a fantasy world of spirits and immortals built in a way which fans of Ms Loraine’s will again thoroughly enjoy. Find out who Abigail was in the past, and how it changes everything.

Reviews: "I love the imagination and creativity Elizabeth Loraine has shown in Phantom Lives - Collier. It was a change of pace from the typical books I have read and reviewed in the past in the sense that problems that occurred in the story were solved within that chapter. I found that to be refreshing because I could sit and actually enjoy the story and plot without feeling frustrated.

Once started, I could not put this book down! I found myself being transported into the story, being able to see and feel what the characters were going through. I cannot wait to read more of what author Elizabeth Loraine has to offer."

Get your copy of Phantom Lives - Collier now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for November 28th

The Forever Girl is the mega-bestselling fan favorite about Sophia, a practicing witch who starts hearing mysterious, dangerous voices! Find out what happens! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click! Sign up for Free Book Emails!

Ice Gods Christmas - Paranormal
4.9 stars over 10 reviews
Description:A trip to Iceland to find her father turns into a nightmare when she is transported to the icy palace of Valhalla and lands in the middle of the Ice Gods family feud. Odin's son has loved and protected her from afar. Now she is in his world, he can finally make her his.

Get your free copy of Ice Gods Christmas!

Undercover Christmas: Dead Roses #1.1 - Police Procedural
4.9 stars over 8 reviews
Description: Detective Hansen doesn't *do* heels. She doesn't even own a dress. Especially not a tight, skimpy one. But to catch a killer she must go undercover as a stripper. This is gonna be good.

Get your free copy of Undercover Christmas: Dead Roses #1.1!

Pet Holiday Miracles - Animals
4.5 stars over 4 reviews
Description: It is Valentine's Day and Wyatt has plans a plenty that is until a pair of Love Birds begin to quarrel.

Can Wyatt figure out what has the pair at odds? Can he help the couple that live with the birds find love? But most of all can he get this all done before he heads out on his dates?

Get your free copy of Pet Holiday Miracles!

A Christmas Mission: Saving the Street Boys - Inspirational
5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Description: A young woman struggling with her faith, her future and her fiancĂ©...

Then she crosses paths with the homeless, lost boys of Peru...

And a male mission worker who teaches her what faith and love are all about...

When their lives intertwine, will she be able to save them or will they end us saving her?
Dirty Little Christmas - Romantic Suspense
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Sex, lies and mistletoe...who knew they could be a deadly combination?

A street-wise sister schemes a holiday surprise.

The unexpected kidnapping of a pregnant woman waylays her plans.

Can her super-sexy ex-lover help her pull off a thrilling Christmas miracle?

Get your free copy of Dirty Little Christmas!

5 More Free Kindle Books for 11/28

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Sign up for Free Book Emails here!

Loveable Christmas Angel - Paranormal
4.8 stars over 12 reviews
Description:  Motherless and scared, the child needs love and a home but he's taken an instant dislike to Leilani. New to Hawaii, she's willing to be his guardian and tries to win his affection. Same with the smooth and sexy hotel owner. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be going her way!!

Get your free copy of Loveable Christmas Angel!

My Dangerous Christmastime - Thriller
No Reviews
Description: Ever wonder if James Bond were a chick?

Then the Spies in Stilletos series is for you.

From the #1 bestselling author in Men's Adventure, War, Spy/intrigue, Technothrillers, Carolyn McCray comes a new thriller series!

This prequel short story introduces you to the world of Valentine Rutger, the CIA's most elite counter-terrorism agent.

Get your free copy of My Dangerous Christmastime!

Calling All Grammies - A Christmas Tale of Friendship - Children's
4.8 stars over 14 reviews
Description: Grammy and Santa have been friends forever.  So when Santa's sleigh is busted and Christmas may not happen this year, Grammy comes up with an idea that just might solve the problem.  She e-mails her friends from all around the world for help.  Will the grammies be able to save Christmas?  Read this tale of  true friendship and see.

Get your free copy of Calling All Grammies - A Christmas Tale of Friendship!

A Wizard for Christmas - Paranormal
4.9 stars over 11 reviews
Description: A lonely schoolteacher desperately wants a perfect Christmas. But mystical forces are threatening more than her holidays...her life is in danger. The only one who seems to know what's going on is a handsome wizard who makes her want to add "romance" to this year's Christmas wish list.

Get your free copy of A Wizard for Christmas!

Moments of Gold - Romance
5.0 stars over 10 reviews
Description: A Christmas Crush. She's loved her sister's husband since she first laid eyes on him.
Jack's Garden. He's waited a lifetime for her.
A Fuzzy Tale. In the midst of sorrow, there is hope.
The White Room. Love shows you the way back.
The Fairy House. A little magic...
Shells on the Sand. Will she give him a second chance?

Get your free copy of Moments of Gold!

Cube Crash II: New Kindle Fire Game 11/28

A cool new game for fans of fast-paced hits like Bejeweled and Bedazzled, Cube Crash II gives you more of that addictive, Tetris style gameplay, plus lots of cool power-ups and modes of play. Grab this one now for a special new release discount of 50% off!

Title: Cube Crash II
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 0.99
Description: 50% launch sale! Cube Crash 2 is the sequel to the addicting match 3 game Cube Crash. Cube Crash 2 offers a new, exciting, fast paced Arcade game play mode as well as the original Classic game play mode.

In Arcade mode click to remove groups of 3 cubes of the same color to recharge your powerups and collect gemstones. Use your lightning bolts, bombs and various other powerups to destroy cubes or collect gems, but watch out for items in the grid which can damage you.

If the fast paced play of Arcade is too much then check out the original game play of the Cube Crash in Classic mode. There is no time limit and the goal is to maximize your score as much as possible.

Get your free copy of Cube Crash II!