Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stand-Up Guy: Kindle Book of the Day 10/18

A gritty thriller from new author Laurie Brown, Stand-Up Guy takes us to the streets for the kind of dirty dealings of low-level gangsters who live by their own code. Compelling and troubling at the same time, this is a story full of quirky characters struggling to make it through the day. With plenty of surprises, Stand-Up Guy pulls you into a world you might not believe really exists.

Name: Stand-Up Guy
Rating: 4.5 stars over 6 reviews
Price: 3.99
Description: Stories of sex, drugs and violence are told by a guy who did it all – except rat on his friends. Nostalgic, blunt, touching and brutal, it’s a fast-paced journey into and out of the days and nights of a street level gangster. From jacking the pumps at the local Texaco to disappearing owing the mob money, this is a true story of twenty years on the streets of Brooklyn and Long Island selling drinks, women and drugs along the way.

The story is a fast drive that starts with recruitment by Tommy Toupee and speeds straight into the dark nights and early morning hours of hardcore gangster life. Experience what it was like to break a knee-cap, hustle a chick, hide out in Florida and wash prison laundry while trippin’ on acid. Twenty years on the streets with a guy who could never be made but dedicated himself nonetheless to being the best there was to be whether it was tending bar, selling women or dealing cocaine. Never giving up anybody, taking the heat and doing the time until a taste for coke and the need for money drove him to the edge and he had to disappear. Now all this former tough-guy gangster wants is to be make things right back home. It’s Long Island and Brooklyn at their seediest best compelling you into the alleys and apartments where it all went down. Grab yourself a Petrocelli suit, bolt down a ham steak at the Cadillac Diner and hang on for a quick hit of adventure New York City gangster style.

Reviews: "Really enjoyed this book. It is a fast paced and fascinating view into the life of a guy that I found myself pulling for despite his life style and actions. A really good book to take along on a trip or long plane ride."

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