Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for October 25th

Mysterious deaths in the mountains are uncovered in The Red Church, the bestselling paranormal thriller! Check it out now! 3.99
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Blue Murder (A Classic Cold War Thriller) - Thriller
3.5 stars over 2 reviews
Description: “Our line of work? If it was a department store, you’d go straight through Military, turn left at Espionage, and you’d find us on the right, just past Crime.”

Meet Yokel and Kit, the two most maverick spies ever to work on the payroll of British intelligence. Members of the Unit, a top-secret, black-ops team working behind the most dangerous lines of the Cold War, they are sent into East Germany, at the height of mid-1980s hostilities between the mighty powers of East and West.

But the mission goes horribly wrong and they find themselves thrown into a conspiracy of terrifying proportions. Abandoned and alone, they must fight, not only to finish the job, but also for their own survival.

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Sifter: Part 1 - Adventure
5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Description: In a quiet, grand estate in the middle of the woods, Larissa Wagner reads a book. She spends her days wistful and restless, dreaming of distant lands and romantic adventures, hoping one day to become a proper, courtly lady. However, with the death of her father leaving the family in disarray, she resigns herself to the prospect of a modest, normal life. But in a flash of violence and horror, her starry-eyed dreams are dashed, and her sheltered life of privilege and indulgence comes to an abrupt end.

Haunted by disturbing visions from the past, she finds herself hunted by a secret order, pursued by ruthless agents that will stop at nothing. Alone and on her own for the first time in her life, she descends deep into the darkness of a conspiratorial world. A work of alternative fantasy, Sifter evokes an original world that eschews genre conventions.

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Be Beautiful Forever - Mystery
4.8 stars over 4 reviews
Description: Be Beautiful Forever, a mysterious viral product that cures all illnesses and beautifies to perfection, is on the market for $20 million. Its first client is an ex-fashion model, Natalie Johnson, who is left with heavy burns and wounds after a traffic accident.

When the treatment is over, Natalie wakes up as a completely different person; healed and much prettier than she's ever been. The only downside is that she can’t bear children anymore as the only side effect of the treatment. Natalie’s transformation stirs up enormous public interest and a great deal of controversy, while securing her a job as the new face of the Be Beautiful Forever Corporation.

However, Natalie can't stop wondering why Julie Jacob, the sole owner of the billion-dollar BBF Corporation, doesn't transform herself too, if the treatment is as great as she's promoting it to be. Soon Natalie will learn the hard way that some secrets are better left unexplored.

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Easy Weight Loss Yoga - Health
4.9 stars over 13 reviews
Description: Easy Weight Loss Yoga will help you understand the science of how hatha yoga affects your metabolism and eliminates toxins to keep you on the right track to further your weight loss goal. This book is an introduction to the poses that can not only help you lose weight by toning up the organs and glands responsible for better fat burning, but can also help you become focused, strong, energized, and relaxed.
You will discover why dieting alone does not work for weight loss in the long run, and the metabolic and psychological damage that can result from repeatedly dieting. You will also learn how your body either uses or stores the food you eat for rebuilding and sustaining itself, motivational tips to keep you "on the mat", and the importance of breathing properly. Illustrated.

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Hell's Gate - Historical
No Reviews
Description: HELL’S GATE is a historical action adventure set in British East Africa in 1898. It is inspired by the true events in the British Protectorate when the British government constructed a railway line from Mombassa on the east coast of Africa to the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda. At the same time the German government was building a line from Zanzibar to Lake Victoria. History records that the ‘race’ was conceded to the British by the governor of the German Protectorate. Into these facts, Michel Parker has woven a tale of intrigue, violence and conspiracy against a backdrop of the splendour of the Rift Valley and the volcanic landscape that threatens the very existence of the railway line itself. But it isn’t just the forces of nature that need to be fought, but the threat of 10,000 warring Masai led by the evil slave trader, Piet Snyder. Against this menace, Captain Kingsley Webb, commandant of the British East African Rifles is ordered to defend Nairobi railway camp and the two thousand souls who make up this teeming, tented city with just two hundred soldiers under his command. His love for the beautiful Hannah Bowers is also challenged by the widowed farmer, Reuben Cole who is forced to set out on a quest to find his son, David, kidnapped by Piet Snyder. The explosive mixture of love, conspiracy, treachery and political intrigue are brought together in a beautifully woven tapestry in this compelling tale.

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