Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for October 17th

The newest paranormal thriller from bestselling author Scott Nicholson is out! Get The Home now! 3.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click! Sign up for Free Book Emails!

Engulfed - Humor
5.0 stars over 2 reviews
Description: Maggie Finn travels to South West Florida expecting to find heat, sand, and gangs of old people. What she finds are dead bodies, a kidnapping, the mob and a certain Jewish Cuban detective that she has developed a school girls crush on.
It's not long before she's engulfed in events that will either destroy her or prove to her that it's never too late to begin again and that life isn't over until it is.
This book is filled with fun and unforgettable characters and situations that never leave a dull moment from page one to epilogue.

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Touch and Go (A Mercy Watts Short) - Mystery
5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Description: A bad dog and a missing man. Mercy Watts is up to her double D’s in trouble. She agrees to take on a case for an old rival to avoid doing paperwork for her PI father, but her plan doesn’t include a poodle with problems. If she dumps the case, she’ll pay a terrible price. She’ll have to type.

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Vengeance - Suspense
4.6 stars over 18 reviews
Description: Nine years ago, Claymore Beller tried to do the right thing. It was the last thing he did. In retaliation for his efforts, his mafia bosses laid waste to his family. Only the youngest-Cynthia-came up fighting.

Three years ago, Lee Maxwell made the same error. His wife and daughter paid for his mistake. In a haze of booze and regret, Lee disappeared.

Now, Owen Dunham is following the trail of the ‘Grudge Ninja’-only all his evidence is false and the profilers can’t get their heads around anything except the obvious fact that the Ninja is extracting a deadly revenge for an old wrong.

As the Ninja gets bolder and far more dangerous, Owen is forced to recognize that he hasn’t always made the right decisions–he’s spent far too much time trying to be right. Even as he questions whether bringing in the ninja is the right thing to do, the voice in the back of his head is telling him that it will make his career...

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Call of Darkness - Horror
No Reviews
Description: It comes in many forms, the clash of steel and the seductive kiss of a maiden. The sweet, clarion note echoes across space and time to mutate into a twisted cacophony in the minds of the unsuspecting. From the turning of crisp pages in an ancient tome or the squeak of an iron door into a forgotten chamber…the CALL OF DARKNESS will come for us all. Some will resist it, and others will kneel.

Everette Bell brings us five dark sword and sorcery tales that resound with the CALL OF DARKNESS. A blood sacrifice of a mystic society and the pacifism of an alien race lead to personal and cosmic doom. When fate fails, one man has the chance for vengeance against the dead. A sleeping god awakens to protect a village. A loyal student fights for the corpse of his teacher and wins freedom from darkness.

Listen….Answer…the CALL OF DARKNESS.

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Amelia's Destiny - Memoir
4.9 stars over 11 reviews
Description:  A life of pain and abuse. Can Amelia ever escape?

In Amelia's Story, D.G. Torrens captivated readers with the heart-wrenching story of a young girl imperilled by a tragic life of abuse. Now a teenager, seemingly free of the past, Amelia struggles to find happiness in an overwhelming world. With many obstacles placed in her path, this only serves to make her journey an arduous one. Fighting for life and for love, will the courageous young girl grab hold of her dreams and discover her destiny? Will she ever find happiness?

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