Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for October 14

A sweet contemporary romance, Game, Set, Match is about a star athlete and an old flame! Check it out now! 3.99
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The Vampire Handbook - Humor
4.5 stars over 15 reviews
Description: So, after a painstakingly long soul-searching (at least five minutes) and after grappling with the possible fate of your immortal soul (who cares if you’re not going to die, anyway), you’ve decided to become a vampire.


But before beginning that dark and shadowed journey into a life of eternal damnation, every vampire is required to read THE VAMPIRE HANDBOOK, a short step-by-step guide to becoming a vampire and then adjusting to the bloodsucking lifestyle.

Some of the helpful tips in this handbook include: Rules for Living an Environmentally Friendly and Urbane, Undead Lifestyle, Dietary Restrictions for Vampires, Engaging in Battles with Other Immortals, Rules for Fitting into Society and not Scaring off Potential Meals and much more...

Get your free copy of The Vampire Handbook!

How Color Affects Food Choices - Food
5.0 stars over 10 reviews
Description: The first to feast is the eyes. Color has a very strong influence in the foods we choose to eat. This is a training course designed to provide a tool for hospitality educators to teach and demonstrate how foods’ color affects the decisions customers make when making their selections. Comprehensive training of front and back of the house personnel is essential to a successful operation. This lesson plan may be used in hospitality classes as well as restaurants, concessions, and hotels for employee training in culinary operations. Course includes 4 lectures, 4 assessments and answer keys (with suggested grading rubrics), guide for instructor led taste samplings, guide and recipes for in class color and taste comparisons, instructions for blind comparative taste test, and 2 recommended assignments.

Get your free copy of How Color Affects Food Choices!

Muleshoe (A Mike Bishop Mystery) - Mystery
3.6 stars over 20 reviews
Description: Death is about to descend upon tiny Muleshoe, Kansas. Mike Bishop has arrived in the sleepy little town on a mission to recover a legendary cache of rare gold coins and Confederate currency. But others are racing to recover the treasure as well.

Local Sheriff Laura Moss cautiously joins Bishop in his search. Together they unearth a dark secret; a secret with roots dating back to the Civil War, William Quantrill’s planned assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and an unexplained series of grisly local murders spanning more than a century.

The line between good and evil blurs as Bishop and Sheriff Moss struggle to survive a murderous local legend … a legend that threatens to turn the Kansas prairie black with blood.

Get your free copy of Muleshoe (A Mike Bishop Mystery)!

A Date with Fate - Romance
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Meet Anabel Axelrod… She’s twenty eight, owns a bookstore, and is one determined, control freak of a woman. She’s decided to take the entire weekend off to have some fun.…

Except her unapologetically single and perfectly uncomplicated life is suddenly upside down with problems!

Her family is meddling in her personal business. The cheating love of her life is back in town. An adulterous wife of a good friend has gone missing. She’s been targeted for death by a homicidal serial rapist. An evil aunt has gone fanatic. Her sociopathic cousin has stolen her gun. The macho police chief is driving her nuts. And one not-too-tall, deliciously dark, and definitely not handsome stranger is enticing her to break all her ironclad rules on dating in the most intriguing of ways.

Get your free copy of A Date with Fate!

Redlisted - Horror
4.8 stars over 15 reviews
Description: Kate wakes from a gunshot wound to find herself dependent on the blood of the man who shot her. She can't remember who she is and her own face in the mirror is unfamiliar. As she tries to unravel the mystery of her own identity, she's swept along on a covert mission she barely understands.

Revenants, a vampiric race of post-mortals, maneuver for power in the world of plastic surgery, internet conspiracy theories, and information-stifling media conglomerates. Those who can control dream and memory muddy the waters as the mission converges on a underground bunker and the key to a source of eldritch power. Kate must uncover her past and tease apart clues to her companions' urgent mission so she can take a stand before it's too late to act.

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