Friday, October 19, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books for 10/19

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click! Sign up for Free Book Emails!

Wyvern - Adventure
4.9 stars over 29 reviews
Description: Headhunters, sorcerers, pirates and Indian princes thrive in this exciting and poetic tale of a young outcast in Borneo. Born in 1609, son of a native woman and a Dutch sea captain he never knew, Jaki Gefjon grows up in the jungle as a sorcerer's apprentice. Later kidnapped by pirates, he befriends his captor, Trevor Pym, notorious for his dreaded man-of-war, Wyvern. The scientific marvels on the European privateer become the young soul-catcher’s passion—until he falls for Lucinda, the headstrong daughter of Pym's sworn enemy. Propelled by intrigue, pirates' battles, curses and visions, this seafaring saga takes Lucinda and Jaki from the South Seas to India—and to a bold, unforeseen destiny in the New World. Join the journey!

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Witches Bureau of Investigation 2 - Mystery
5.0 stars over 2 reviews
Description: Twins Nate and Herman Howe are back in this follow-up to WBI: Witches Bureau of Investigation.

An ancient demon is running amok in Los Angeles trying to perform a complicated ritual that will give him solid form.

He disables the Bureau but fails to account for Mrs. Weatherby and her network of retired witches, who are determined to stop him.

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QR Code Killer - Romantic Suspense
4.2 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Zeus is a crazed killer who uses QR Codes to taunt the cop hot on his trail.

Mad Dog Weber, a tough-as-nails member of the Seattle police force, is willing to do whatever it
takes to bring Zeus down. Despite her best intentions, Maddie (Mad Dog) falls in love with her dad's hired hand, putting them both in danger.

Erik Moore is running from his past and trying to avoid the future when he finds himself falling in love with his boss' daughter. Unknowingly, he puts himself right in the path of the QR Code Killer as he struggles to keep Maddie safe.

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