Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 Books from Elizabeth Loraine's Royal Blood Chronicles 10/18

It doesn't get much more exciting than Elizabeth Loraine's Royal Blood Chronicles, and today we have books 1-3 for you at great prices! Follow Katrina, one of five protectors of the vampire race, in these action-packed page-turners. Grab book 1, Katrina, The Beginning, for only $1.99, and then pick up the sequels for more great reading! Get your copies now!

Name: Katrina, The Beginning (Book 1)
Rating: 4.1 stars over 61 reviews
Price: $1.99
Description: As a Vampire being hunted was nothing new. Finding out that I had to save those that were hunting us was!

Katrina, a young royal blooded vampire, chronicles her life from the age of seventeen beginning in the 1800's forward in the series Royal Blood Chronicles.

Katrina is thrust into something she never could have imagined growing up in the aristocracy of Europe. Once the fashion of the day, and girlish gossip filled Katrina and her new friends days, but their lives changed the instant their race was threatened and they were chosen as the Five, and the protectors of not only the vampire race, but all the peaceful races of the world!

If you are looking for a new, exciting vampire series, with strong female characters you've found it in Royal Blood Chronicles. It starts here with Katrina, The Beginning!

*****In this delightful novel, based in the 1800s, we discover the amazing Katrina - a seventeen-year-old sword yielding, independent, compassionate, fascinating heroine who happens to be a vampire. But, don't get me wrong, she is not your everyday blood sucking variety! She has an amazing destiny to fulfill as one of the five and the watchers will help her see to it! Bonnie Wheeler, author

*****Elizabeth Loraine has captured the young adult vampire world in a new and refreshing way and I would thoroughly recommend this series to anyone for a brief respite from the real world of today.

John Daniels, author and publisher writes:

"This is a page-turning, swashbuckling adventure told ba a gorgeous seventeen year old vampire on the verge of womanhood. Katrina and her companions are girls who love fancy clothes and romantic gossip; but when their race is threatened, they become Women Warriors, using their paranormal talents, lightning speed, and razor sharp blades to wreak deadly justice. By turns tense and funny, this is a great read for fans of bloodlust."

Get your copy of Katrina, The Beginning (Book 1)!

Name: The Protectors (Book 2)
Rating: 4.6 stars over 22 reviews
Price: $3.99
Description: Excitiing author Elizabeth Loraine brings us the second in her series Royal Blood Chronicles which follow Katrina, the Chosen leader of The Five Protectors. It's a swashbuckling, page turning adventure that crosses continents with a writing style which lets you see the action and breathtaking surroundings with your mind. The Five use their paranormal gifts, lightning speed and razor sharp blades to fight the evil that threatens all the peaceful races of the world including their race—Vampires.

"The Protectors, the second in the continuing saga of Royal Blood Chronicles, is a true example of the continued strong female lead characters in this series. The descripptive writing style of Elizabeth Loraine, combined with the strong story line makes the reader feel as if they were walking beside Katrina and her sisters in their Vampire world."
—B. Varney, Vampire Professor

But in order to continue to succeed the Five must become the many. Join us.

Get your copy of The Protectors (Book 2)!

Name: The Dark Prince (Book 3)
Rating: 4.3 stars over 13 reviews
Price: $3.03
Description: Elizabeth Loraine brings us the third book in her series Royal Blood Chronicles. Katrina having lost the love of her life, embarks on a new journey to America. New evil stalks the Five and once again theatens not only Vampires but all the peaceful races. New friends, old rivals, wizards, witches and elves join the fray in this classic battle between good and evil.

"The Dark Prince is as fast paced, mysterious, and adventurous as the first two books.. Elizabeth Loraine successfully conbines historical events and a small dose of vampire history to make a modern story that readers will love. The story continues with Katrina and the Chosen Five as they leave the old world and travel to America. Colorful descriptions of the scenes combined with a strong story line make the reader feel as if they are walking the streets of New York with them. The Dark Prince is a true example of the continued strong female leads in this series. Katrina's continuing story of relationships among family, friends and lovers make the reader hold their breath until the very last page."
—Bertena Varney, The Vampire Examiner

But in order to continue to succeed the Five must become the many. Join us.

Get your copy of The Dark Prince (Book 3)!

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