Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Dance Again: Kindle Book of the Day 9/29

A very unique and compelling paranormal thriller here from author James A. Thomas, To Dance Again brings us the familiar idea of a child with otherwordly knowledge and gives us a twist when it sets off a murder mystery and a clash with an immortal killer. This is a book that's sure to surprise and delight, and you never know what'll happen next. Don't miss this one!

Name: To Dance Again
Rating: 4.0 stars over 5 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Elliott is still mourning the deaths of his parents and his brother when his brother’s widow and her small daughter arrive to stay for a while. The foul-mouthed, exhibitionist mother he can do without, but Gee, the five-year-old girl, is a charmer.

But Gee tells stories, stories that no child her age could make up. In the stories she’s a grown woman, a dancer, and she meets a tragic end. Elliott doesn’t know what to make of it. Could Gee have lived before?

His feelings are a conflicting mix of disbelief and curiosity, needing resolution, so the pair sets out for the place where the murdered woman lived. There Elliott meets a woman he knows, even though he’s never met her, and there he and Gee come to the attention of a man who has killed many times over the centuries. And who is not about to stop.

Reviews: "I thoroughly enjoyed To Dance Again. I read it on a Kindle under mosquito netting at night while in the jungles of Honduras. It was a great travel companion. It was interesting to read a reincarnation romance; I had never read one before. The storyline is well developed, as are the characters. From searching online for other novels of the author, I think this is Thomas's first (or only) novel. I hope to read him again and encourage him to keep writing. I found the book well written and one I anticipated returning to each evening until it was read."

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