Friday, September 14, 2012

The Cerberus Rebellion: Kindle Book of the Day 9/14

First of all, isn't that a beautiful cover? Author Joshua Johnson's exciting novel The Cerberus Rebellion opens up a whole new world where magic and machinery exist in conflict. From Elves and Griffins to muskets and trains, this mixing provides a great jumping off point for a war of independence against a tyrant king. Rich in detail and complexity, this is one to get lost in!

Name: The Cerberus Rebellion (A Griffins & Gunpowder Novel)
Price: 4.95
Description: One hundred years of peace and prosperity. War changes everything.

On the world of Zaria, Elves, magic and mythical beasts coexist beside rifles and railroads. The futures of two nations hang in the balance as rebels and revolutionaries trade gunfire with loyalists and tyrants.

Eadric Garrard was raised to believe that as the rightful King of Ansgar, his loyal nobles and fearful subjects answered to his every whim, no matter the cost or consequence. His decision to send his troops thousands of miles away will test that fear, and loyalty.

Raedan Clyve was ordinary until an Elven ritual involving a griffin’s heart turned him into something more. Twenty years later, he still struggles with the magics that rage through his body. His mentor holds him back from his full potential and he faces pressure to find a suitable wife and father an heir.

Hadrian Clyve has picked up where his father left off and works to expand his family’s influence amongst the Ansgari nobility. His aggressive negotiation of alliances and shrewd choice of marriage agreements has earned him respect, and resentment. When his King calls his troops to arms, Hadrian has other things in mind.

After a century of scheming and decades of preparation, Magnus Jarmann is ready to bring his family’s plans to fruition by launching a war of independence that will free his people and return his country to its rightful place among the nations of Zaria. The King’s call to arms creates an opportunity that Magnus cannot afford to miss.

In a war, little is held back; in a revolution, nothing is safe.

Reviews: "The Cerberus Rebellion did a good job of introducing the series arc and setting the stage for a much larger story. The characters, especially the King, were very well written and I look forward to seeing where he takes these very different people. The author did a good job showing his world and obviously spent a lot of effort on worldbuilding. He was detailed enough to give life to the world, while not going overboard on detail."

Get your copy of The Cerberus Rebellion (A Griffins & Gunpowder Novel) now!

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