Monday, September 17, 2012

Task Radar: Free Kindle Fire To-Do App!

Task Radar is an excellent new app that's much more than just your average, boring to-do list. Its innovative radar screen shows incoming deadlines in a playful, unique way, and its artificial intelligence automatically prioritizes your list as deadlines approach, saving you time and stress. This app has both a free version and a paid ad-free version. Either way, you get an extremely useful app that keeps you productive in a fun new way! Get it now and try it for yourself!

Title: Task Radar Free - To Do List
Rating: 5.0 stars over 3 reviews
Price: 0.00

Description: What if your To Do List App could do all the thinking for you - saving you time and stress?

Introducing Task Radar – the worlds first "To Do List" using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically manage task priorities for you!

When you complete tasks, your boss brings you more work or deadlines get closer, just shake your phone and your list will automatically re-order in priority – without the hassle of reviewing all tasks!

Get a “heads up” of incoming deadlines through the awesome Radar so you can quickly decide where to invest your time!

Customise “Impact” definitions to your style of thinking so you can use Task Radar in a way that fits with you.

“Task Radar’s UI is gorgeous” - Robert Nazarian, TalkAndroid

“With an ingenious layout, Task Radar is a nice break from the many bland task managers currently on the market” - Philip Chan, AndroidAppsReview (5 Star Review rating!!)

“The radar scope is pure genius!” – Pete Thompson, AndroidMNZ

See lots of other cool features in the demo video!

Also can be used for a Task Manager, in Time Management using proactive alerts, goal setting, Priority List, Shopping List, General Purpose List, Gift List, a List Manager or a Priority task list

Get your free copy of Task Radar Free - To Do List!

And here's a screenshot!

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