Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for September 20th

In the gripping Thriller/Romantic Suspense Red Tide, a woman and her dog need the help of an FBI agent to protect them from a madman! This is one you won't want to miss. Get it now! 2.99
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In Deep Shitake - Romantic Comedy
4.1 stars over 73 reviews
Description: Take one devastatingly handsome movie star.

Add one outrageously sexy female private eye with a penchant for food-word obscenities.

Mix in a dose of mistaken identity and a handful of Russian mobsters...And they're all In Deep Shitake.

Get your free copy of In Deep Shitake!

Liquid Lies - Suspense
3.8 stars over 63 reviews
Description: "A Compelling Story of Lies and Deadly Consequences." P. R. Mason, award-winning bestselling author.

One dead body.
Two girls with a secret.
Body count rising

"Liquid Lies is a mystery thriller that makes you feel anything but cozy. A story as tension charged and as fast moving as a waterslide. Once you're into Liquid Lies there's no stopping until you reach the end." Patricia Mason, award winning bestselling author.

Get your free copy of Liquid Lies!

Cheer - Contemporary
4.9 stars over 18 reviews
Description: What happens when a family suffers a tragedy and everyone blames themselves?

The Dahl family is reeling from an unspeakable loss. Jenny channels her grief – and secret guilt – into an obsession with getting pregnant. Teenager Ella, a competitive high school cheerleader, seeks to atone by being the perfect adolescent for her parents, numbing her pain in secret. Ethan, a pilot, is on a singular mission to preserve what’s left of his family – to little success.

Everything changes, though, when Ella makes a shocking decision.

Get your free copy of Cheer!

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