Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for September 19th

A young man pursues his dream of flying into space in Army of Me! Check it out now! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click! Sign up for Free Book Emails!

Haunting Obsession - Ghosts
4.8 stars over 14 reviews
Description: “She wants to be loved by you…alone!”

Daryl Beasley collects all things Maxine Marie, whose famous curves and fast lifestyle made her a Hollywood icon for decades after her tragic death. Daryl’s girlfriend, Loretta Stevens, knew about his geeky lifestyle when they started dating, but she loves him, quirks and all.

Then one day Daryl chooses to buy a particularly tacky piece of memorabilia instead of Loretta’s birthday present. Daryl ends up in the doghouse, not only with Loretta, but with Maxine Marie herself. The legendary blonde returns from the dead to give Daryl a piece of her mind—and a haunting obsession he’ll never forget!

Haunting Obsession is a Rebecca Burton Novella. Readers who enjoy this tale may also enjoy R.J. Sullivan's Rebecca Burton short story series from Seventh Star Press that began with Backstage Pass.

Get your free copy of Haunting Obsession!

Roll the Dice - Mystery
4.9 stars over 12 reviews
Description: When attractive Las Vegas detective, Aurora Morelli, makes a friend, she takes the relationship very seriously. And if someone hurts that person, they’re going down. Slim and dainty, she has the heart of a lion, and when angry, the manners of a she-cat. Therefore the sicko who attacked her partner has become her prime target and nothing or no one will stand in her way. Except maybe her new partner who arrives in town full of vengeance for the same culprit.

Kai Lawson, a Bruce Willis look-alike, annoys her, and almost from the beginning, things go wrong. She questions whether they should be working together, especially after he shoots her, and not accidentally. Constant screw-ups on the job and the attraction building between them makes reaching her goal seem almost insurmountable. Almost!

Get your free copy of Roll the Dice!

The Heart of Lies - Romance
4.8 stars over 14 reviews
Description: Don't be fooled, online dating can be murder.

When one of Emily's BFFs meets a handsome and wealthy man online,
this sassy Private Investigator can't help but be suspicious.
With the help of the hot new police detective and her close circle of friends,
can Emily stop the cyber-hunk from breaking her friend's heart - or worse?

Get your free copy of The Heart of Lies!

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