Friday, September 28, 2012

Bargain Apps and Free Books for 9/28

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Today there is a special sale on some great apps for just 25 cents, including Shark Dash, Sketchbook Mobile, and Cut the Rope: Experiments! These prices can change at any time, so get them now as well as these FREE Kindle books!

Sketchbook Mobile - 25c                                  The Twenty Dollar Bill - Literary
3.8 stars over 295 reviews                                           4.6 stars over 29 reviews

Cut the Rope: Experiments - 25c               Heiress Without a Cause - Historical Romance
3.2 stars over 213 reviews                                         4.5 stars over 19 reviews

Shark Dash - 25c                                                    Ready or Not - Christian
4.5 stars over 51 reviews                                               4.5 stars over 40 reviews

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