Monday, September 24, 2012

EVAC HD: Free Kindle Fire App 9/24

Title: EVAC HD
Rating: 3.6 stars over 25 reviews
Price: 0.00

Description: Run for your life through a series of increasingly devious hi-res neon mazes, chased by countless relentless security forces. Mixing the best parts of arcade, stealth, and block puzzle games, EVAC HD will challenge you to outsmart, outmaneuver, and seek revenge against the enemies trapping you and your friends.

Take EVAC, the smiling pink square, one step closer to freedom by gathering colored dots in order to open exits and move through levels. Collect dots, avoid being hit, and destroy your enemies with power-ups to increase your multiplier and your total score. Replay levels to beat your own goals and top the online leaderboards.

Be as efficient as possible by setting your own touchscreen control point based on comfort and convenience. Calibrate it on screen during gameplay if you need to make an adjustment.

Get your free copy of EVAC HD!

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