Sunday, September 30, 2012

Apolo Drakuvich: Kindle Book of the Day 9/30

A breathtakingly unique mystery/thriller from author G.W. Jefferies, Apolo Drakuvich takes us inside the criminal mind as a lowly criminal tries to puzzle out the mysteries and tragedies of his life from within a jail cell. Keeping the action high while touching on larger themes about criminal justice and the media, the book effectively puts you in someone else's shoes and makes you run for your life in them. Check it out!

Name: Apolo Drakuvich
Rating: 4.3 stars over 38 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: G.W. Jefferies' Apolo Drakuvich captures the life of a petty criminal on a strange ride ranging from bizarre and senseless to utterly tragic. Revolving around parasitic journalism, media and government corruption, and a ruthless, conniving judge who milks the citizens out of millions of dollars, Apolo Drakuvich can be described as a compilation of untamed and sheer madness--captivating the readers' attention from beginning to end. With its raw descriptions, penetrating dialogue and crisp writing, this book is like no other.

Within all the madness that so epitomizes the life of Apolo, G.W. Jeffries presents a life of regret in epic proportions. Sitting in a jail cell, Apolo reflects, "One thing is for sure, I let it all slip many opportunities lost." Apolo sadly examines the events and decisions of his life, and the paths he took and should have taken. Apolo seeks peace of mind and justice, but flashbacks of his past continuously haunt him; moreover, he seems to be victimized by a corrupt justice system everywhere he goes.

As an offender, Apolo discusses pertinent issues of today's society, where it is next to impossible for offenders to live normal lives, despite the desire to do so. Essentially, law enforcement and authorities seem to systematically destroy the offender by placing constraints on the offender such as restrictions on where to live, GPS monitoring, registering as offenders on websites, and more.

Reviews: "This was a very interesting book. I wasn't expecting much but it was well written and the story line was captivating. I was so engaged throughout the entire book. Loved the character of Apolo!! I really sympathized with what he was going through. The story had great pacing and really built steadily so I didn't feel like I have to skip through certain sections as you do with other books. I really recommend this book, I really enjoyed it."

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