Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 More Free Kindle Books for 9/30

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Sign up for Friday Free Book Emails here!

Chasing Paris - Contemporary
4.9 stars over 8 reviews
Description: Amy Winthrow is shocked when her grandmother dies—not because Elizabeth Hathaway’s death is unexpected but because her existence had always been hidden. Ever-inquisitive and prone to letting her imagination get the best of her, Amy embarks upon a journey with an unlikely friend to unravel the mysteries of the elusive Lizzie Hathaway. As she follows the trail of broken dreams and promises of her grandmother’s life, Amy finds herself on a path of accidental self-discovery—a path that she chases all the way to Paris where Lizzie’s story ends and Amy’s begins.

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The Dating Intervention - Romance
5.0 stars over 3 reviews
Description: Sometimes life can get in the way of love.

Vanessa had it all: handsome husband, two beautiful children, a lovely home, and a successful career. She was living the dream life she and her friends fantasized about as girls over hot fudge sundaes…but was it the life she really wanted?

Leaving the life she knew behind was difficult enough, but when Vanessa’s attempt at love with someone from her past falls apart, her well-meaning friends decide an intervention is in order. Dating post-40 is harder than it seems and they quickly discover the dating pool has become a puddle, with each blind date being crazier than the one before.

Can Vanessa find the love she deserves? Or has she given up the best thing she ever had?

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4.2 stars over 4 reviews

Christa has a secret so big that her husband John is using it as blackmail in their divorce. He is out for revenge because - although she won’t admit it - Christa is still in love with the man with whom she shares this secret; the man whose fiery girlfriend slams Christa at every opportunity.

To protect her teenage daughter from a horrid truth, Christa must agree to John’s demands by the morning. But her world is about to rip wide open, and turn into life or death, when housemate Nicola discovers that John is the least of their problems; he’s not the only one wretched enough to exploit them.

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Red Zone Baghdad My War in Iraq - War
5.0 stars over 1 review
Description: When Colonel Marcus Fielding returned home from his tour of duty in Baghdad, a taxi driver asked him what it was like being a soldier there. Marcus, an experienced veteran, found himself speechless – how could he properly explain to a civilian the nature of his work and his life during his tour? He mouthed a few platitudes but felt frustrated: he had not done justice to his experience or to his fellow soldiers still in Iraq.

This book is the result of that frustration, and it provides fascinating insights into the conditions on the ground in a theatre of war that more than 20,000 Australian men and women have served. He paints a vivid picture of everyday life set against a backdrop of violence: the heat and dust, attending meetings in the Red Zone, the camaraderie of the cigar club, visits to orphanages and the morale-raising visits of US ‘personalities’.

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Cardinal Hoax - Techothriller
4.4 stars over 17 reviews
Description: Herbert Sedlack—an eccentric particle physicist working out of his sprawling Woodside estate—achieves startling results with a new invention, he knows he wants more from it than financial gain.

His first coconspirator is Korin Prentise, a beautiful venture capitalist and an incorrigible risk taker. Two more members join the team—Alan, a gay computer genius, and Oscar, an African American theology professor at Stanford. Each keeps secrets from the others. Each has divergent motivations that converge and reverberate as an audacious scheme unfolds, from the mysterious Area 51 in Nevada, to the UN building in New York, to the sacred airspace of the Vatican.

The first human beings to move between dimensional spaces, the four gain unexpected perspective on religion, interconnection, and hope. Most crucially, their efforts culminate with the greatest hoax the planet has ever known—a Cardinal Hoax.

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