Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books for 9/29

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19 Fall Craft Ideas for Kids - Nonfiction
4.8 stars over 8 reviews
Description: Fall is an incredible season to share with your kids. Take advantage of the awe inspired by changing leaves and cooling temperatures by giving your little ones a chance to express their creativity!

A compilation of craft ideas from the nation's most inspiring hobby blogs, this book will excite you and your child with beautiful and fun to make projects. From traditional fall keepsakes to autumn themed home decor projects, your child will love the process and you will love the result -- so much you might want to make them on your own! With craft ideas accessible for every age, this book is your one stop shop for fun fall crafting!

Get your free copy of 19 Fall Craft Ideas for Kids!

The Mancode: Exposed - Humor/Romance
3.9 stars over 83 reviews
Description: 'I'm over forty. I don't have a blankie. I have vodka.'
Note: this is not a book of advice, how-to, or self-help. The author deconstructs stereotypes with satire. Totally different concept.
'I write about men, women, sex, & chocolate. My experiences, my truth, my martinis.'
*Note: Thompson employs hashtags (i.e., the # sign) in her collection. Google it. These are not typos, people #deargod.
Looking for a humorous take on family relationships or love and romance? Look no further.

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Executive Wine Education - Nonfiction
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Wine fluency is critical for a wide variety of professionals and represents an important area of executive refinement. This is not simply an interesting culinary topic. Knowing the essentials is a matter of critical business etiquette. Failing to have such knowledge can also leave you vulnerable to certain etiquette mistakes in various professional contexts. Note that as you read through this book you will be directed to where you will find free supplemental videos to accompany your reading and enhance your learning experience.

Executive Wine Education contains the essential information about wine that they should have taught you in business school.

Get your free copy of Executive Wine Education!

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