Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zo White and the Seven Morphs: Kindle Book Sale 8/30

A hilarious mystery from bestselling author Barbara Silkstone, Zo White and the Seven Morphs features a team of acrobats wearing the popular spandex Morphsuits. When beautiful dancer Zo White gets stalked by an assassin, the entire team comes to the rescue! Toss in plenty of crazy twists, silliness, and a few tender moments, and you've got a hit comedy. You won't find another book like this!

Name: Zo White and the Seven Morphs, A Comedy Mystery
Rating: 4.6 stars over 8 reviews
Price: 3.99
Description: Best-selling author Barbara Silkstone delights with another madcap riff on a classic.

Zo White, aerial dancer and star performer in the Grimm Brothers’ Cirque is stalked by an unknown assassin. The Seven Morphs acrobatic team tumble to her rescue while preparing to leave on a covert mission. What secrets are hidden by their bright colored spandex body suits and will Zo find love with Green Morph?

Throw in outrageous plot twists, a magic mirror, 400 baby turtles, a giant python, Miami mobsters, and a few murders on the side, and it all adds up to a zany whodunit that keeps you laughing and guessing till the end.

Reviews: "Some comedic authors try too hard to be funny. With Silkstone, the humor flows effortlessly from her pen. You get the sense she can't even help it! She's just one of those naturally funny authors. Not only that, but she keeps the action moving and the mystery intense in her latest comedy mystery, Zo White and the Seven Morphs. Do you love that title? Well, the book does not disappoint. She has such unique a way of taking a fairy tale and warping it into a modern story, in this case, complete with magic mirror, evil Queen...and an "apple". I always feel like I know her characters, and again this time. Zo White is so easily identifiable. Plus, there's just enough romance tossed in keep it yummy. It's a light read, a fun read... a wonderful escape overall!"

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  1. Thank you Kindle Fire Department. :)

  2. I read and loved this book! Congrats, Barbara!

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