Thursday, August 30, 2012

Solomon vs. Lord: Kindle Book of the Day 8/30

Fast-paced, gripping, and injected with a healthy dose of humor, bestselling author Paul Levine's perennial hit Solomon vs. Lord is a courtroom drama that draws you in and doesn't let go. A tense murder trial is complemented by a quirky cast of characters, headlined by a pair of attorneys getting romantically involved, and from there you're in for more than a few startling surprises. A satisfying read, it'll quickly convert you into a Paul Levine fan. Pick it up now!

Rating: 4.5 stars over 77 reviews
Price: 4.99
Description: Former attorney and reporter Levine delivers a funny, fast-paced legal thriller, his first since 1998's 9 Scorpions. Circumstances conspire to force two Florida lawyers with opposing personalities;by-the-book Victoria Lord and anything-goes Steve Solomon;into working together as the defense attorneys for Katrina Barksdale, a "grieving" widow who's been charged with murdering her wealthy husband during a kinky sexcapade. This basic plot is nothing new, but Levine keeps things fresh by injecting the story with interesting subplots and a full roster of quirky, lovable characters, perhaps the best of whom is Bobby, Solomon's autistic savant nephew, who has a photographic memory and a penchant for making defaming anagrams out of people's names. While Levine's two protagonists may not be Tracy and Hepburn, the barbed dialogue that flies between them makes for some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Fans of Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry (who supplies a blurb) will enjoy this humorous Florida crime romp.

Reviews: "I love a good courtroom novel, and Solomon vs. Lord is a great courtroom novel. With suspense, romance, humor, and a huge heart, this first entry in a new series is the story of two attorneys and their tempestuous relationship in the face of Miami's most media-saturated murder trial. It's a lot of fun -- imagine Moonlighting, but with lawyers.

When Victoria Lord is fired from her state's attorney's office job, Steve Solomon, the counselor for the defense, takes her on as his partner. Immediately, the sparks fly (Victoria likes to go by the book, but Steve says "when the law doesn't work, work the law") and we just know -- despite the fact that they evidently can't stand each other, and that she is engaged to South Florida's avocado king -- that these two are going to end up together."

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