Friday, August 17, 2012

Jolls: New Kindle Fire Release 8/17

Here's one of the neatest new games I've seen in a while! Jolls combines physics-based gameplay and puzzles to make a game that's both fun and challenging. Watch the Jolls float, grow, shrink, and zoom around the screen, and help them find their missing babies. Lots of fun for the whole family! Grab the game for 25% off today and enjoy!

5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: $1.49

Description: 25% off launch sale!

The Jolls' babies have ran away, help them to reunite their family in this great physics based puzzle game!

You have to search for the babies everywhere. There are Earth, Air and Water levels. You must strategically move the family members that share the same color, once together they can go home. Complete 10 puzzles on each terrain, in a total of 30 levels to unlock the final challenge. Use the power ups to reverse gravity, increase or reduce the size of the family member, and increase speed. Study the terrain to determine the best strategy for reaching your babies!

Get your copy of Jolls!

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