Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ghost of a Threat: Kindle Book of the Day 8/25

Sometimes you run across a character who's so entertaining she can't possibly be limited to a single book. Betty "Boo" Boorman is one of those characters. Beth Dolgner's Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter Series is an extremely entertaining set of books that combines the paranormal, romance, and fantastic storytelling to keep you turning the pages and craving more. Join Betty Boo in America's most haunted city and find out why this is a series everyone is talking about!

Name: Ghost of a Threat
Rating: 4.9 stars over 5 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Normal young women go on dates on Saturday nights. Paranormal investigator Betty "Boo" Boorman goes on ghost hunts in Savannah, Georgia, America's most haunted city. She's more comfortable around ghosts than guys, anyway.

A violent haunting forces Betty to team up with her rival ghost hunter, the arrogant Carter Lansford. When the violence is turned toward her, though, Betty knows she needs additional expertise. She enlists the help of a handsome stranger, who introduces himself simply as Maxwell, Demon.

Betty's ghost hunting is cut short when she's threatened and, finally, attacked. Either someone wants her to stay away from an investigation, or a demon hunter is targeting her. As Betty begins to fall for Maxwell's mysterious charm, she starts to wonder if her life—and her soul—are worth the risk.

Reviews: "This book isn't just another Paranormal Romance—it is a Unique Paranormal Romance, which was very refreshing to read. I really enjoyed this book, the storyline was well thought out and instantly gripped me and once I started reading I found I couldn't stop! There was times when I felt as though I was literally in the scenes with them. It was brilliantly written and just flowed so well between the paranormal aspects and romance aspects. As well as the paranormal romance there was some humour and action, it really was non-stop—I loved it!!"

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Name: Ghost of a Whisper
Rating: 4.9 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Life is good for Betty "Boo" Boorman. Things are going great with her demon boyfriend Maxwell, and her paranormal investigation team is busier than ever as Halloween approaches. But things go to hell—literally—when Maxwell is banished by a demon hunter. As Betty tries to cope with her grief, another demon enters her life, and he offers her a deal: Betty's soul for Maxwell's rescue. Time is running out for Betty to make a decision, and the ghosts of Savannah, Georgia, aren't making the task any easier. Cryptic messages from the ghost of a little girl seem to be directed at Betty, but are they a warning or a plea for help?

Reviews: "After reading Ghost of a Threat (book one in the series), I was totally hooked and just had to keep going with the series…and I was not disappointed! Ghost of a Whisper is another non-stop adventure for the group. From the first page to the last, there is always something going on…it makes for a GREAT storyline."

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And don't forget that the third and fourth books in the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter Series are also available. Both highly rated and reasonably priced!

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