Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bending the Boyne: Kindle Book of the Day 8/28

Are you one of those people who love to read about Ireland? I have a confession to make: I am too. From the history and mythology to the feel to the people, there's an intangible appeal that's both fascinating and stimulating. Bending the Boyne from author J.S. Dunn is a perfect example of this. It really gets into how the people were shaped by the land and is an altogether remarkable read.

Name: BENDING THE BOYNE: A novel of ancient Ireland
Rating: 4.2 stars over 31 reviews
Price: 4.99
Description: Circa 2200 BCE: Changes rocking the Continent reach Eire with the dawning Bronze Age. Well before any Celts, marauders invade the island seeking copper and gold. The young astronomer Boann and the enigmatic Cian need all their wits and courage to save their people and their great Boyne mounds, when long bronze knives challenge the peaceful native starwatchers. Banished to far coasts, Cian discovers how to outwit the invaders at their own game. Tensions on Eire between new and old cultures and between Boann, Elcmar, and her son Aengus, ultimately explode. What emerges from the rubble of battle are the legends of Ireland’s beginnings in a totally new light.

Larger than myth, this tale echoes with medieval texts, and cult heroes modern and ancient. By the final temporal twist, factual prehistory is bending into images of leprechauns who guard Eire’s gold for eternity. As ever, the victors will spin the myths.

This story appeals to fans of solid historical fiction, myth and fantasy, archaeo-astronomy, and Bronze Age Europe.

BENDING THE BOYNE draws on 21st century archaeology to show the lasting impact when early metal mining and trade take hold along north Atlantic coasts. Carved megaliths and stunning gold artifacts, from the Pyrenees up to the Boyne, come to life in this researched historical fiction.

Reviews: "History is my passion. We're going to Ireland in September (my 4th trip)and the wonderful narrative of the ancient land brought new directions to my understanding of early Ireland. As we visit, I'll be sure to think of the areas described in the novel. Well written and researched. An easy read. One can only wish they were right in the midst of the plot. Enjoy!"

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