Thursday, August 16, 2012

3 Short Stories from Author Katrina Parker Williams

Today we've got a few interesting and highly rated historical and Southern stories from author Katrina Parker Williams. All are 99c. Check them out now!

Missus Buck
4.7 stars over 11 reviews

Description: "Missus Buck" is a 6850-word short story about an elderly woman, advanced in years, who fosters a spirit of hostility toward her daughter-in-law because she believes her to be a commoner. Their family descending from German aristocracy, Missus Buck believes her son has married beneath him when he weds Missus Julie, who feels the sting of her disapproval even from the first day she met her.

Missus Buck shows no mercy towards Missus Julie's slaves and squares off with Missus Julie's favored slave, the feisty Rubeline.

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Slave Auction
4.3 stars over 6 reviews
Description: Slave Auction--Part One (A Short Story)--from the Trouble Down South Series (Also Read Missus Buck--Part Two)

A 7753-Word Short Story

Master Finnius has died, and his widow must sell off his holdings. Included in these holdings are 22 slaves. In Slave Auction, Horatio, one of the slaves, is ripped from the arms of his mother and sold into bondage. This story will bring you to tears as you learn the fate of this four-year-old slave boy.

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Toxic Lies
4.7 stars over 3 reviews
Description: Part One--Jealous of her sister Maggie and wanting everything she has, including her men, Ellyn hatches a plan with Maggie’s ex-husband to help him win her back but not without consequences. Ellyn plans a Valentine’s Day celebration for Maggie and her fiance Jameson, supposedly as a kind gesture of forgiveness.

In the small southern town where they live, Ellyn has created problems for them in the past as she has had a crush on Jameson since high school, some twenty or more years ago. Jameson has never had an interest in Ellyn, having always liked her sister Maggie. Although Maggie married Chuck, her high school sweetheart, it ended in divorce, mainly because of Chuck’s abusive nature throughout the marriage. Jameson and Maggie reconnected years later and plan to marry, and this is the reason, supposedly, Ellyn has planned the celebration.

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    The first person to post the correct answer to this question here in the comment section, wins--what city and state was the slave coffle headed to in Slave Auction? (Find the answer by clicking on the book's Look Inside feature to read the excerpt).

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  2. The slave coffle was headed to Natchez, Mississippi in "Slave Auction". Thank you for offering your work as free selections. I am looking forward to reading them both. - Diane Nims

  3. Congrats, Diane, on being the winner. If you will, send me an email with the requested information so I can send you the Amazon gift card. Thanks for participating. Katrina


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