Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seeing Spots: Kindle Book of the Day 7/24

Another exciting and entertaining read from bestselling romance author Ellen Fisher, Seeing Spots is a romantic comedy about man and a woman who always should've been together but never could get over themselves enough to make it happen. Funny and charming, the story moves from fun to sexy to quite unexpected. There's a very good chance you'll put it down with a smile. Pick it up!

Name: Seeing Spots
Rating: 3.7 stars over 11 reviews
Price: 1.99
The story of one man's obsession with spots... and where his obsession leads.

Dare Greene and Kathy Parrish have longed for each other since high school, but their own insecurities have kept them apart. One day, a glimpse of a leopard-spotted bra changes everything between them. But are they prepared for ALL the changes they'll experience together?

A contemporary romantic comedy with a paranormal twist.

Reviews: "This is light-hearted and sexy easy-reading that kind of makes you smile while reading it. It has a theme I really enjoy- two people thinking they are not what the other is looking for, all the while failing to remember that old saying about opposites attracting. It did have just the right feeling to it. Lots of sexy chemistry and an easy, natural dialogue between two sweet and likeable characters who you want to see together."

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