Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Release: I Spy Robinson Crusoe

Here's an awesome-looking new game that should not be missed. On a scale of one to ten, I Spy a Tale of Robinson Crusoe is about a twelve. It features some great graphics, a huge number of items, a few challenging game modes, and the feeling that you're lost on a deserted island. This one's well worth picking up for both kids and adults. Enjoy!

I Spy a Tale of Robinson Crusoe
Price: $1.99

Description: Robinson Crusoe was headed home when a terrible disaster left him stranded on an island he later named the Island of Despair. With no way off the island, Robinson Crusoe makes the best of what he has.
Soon after he is on the island he finds out that a group of cannibals frequently visits the island for a disturbing ritual. Robinson tries to survive and eventually return to his home in England.

Help Robinson find what he needs to survive! Learn more about this classic story as you play this amazingly challenging game!

200 Different items
10 Different Scenes with an average of 20 unique items per scene.
3 additional game modes to unlock
Timed game modes

Get your copy of I Spy a Tale of Robinson Crusoe!

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