Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gunship II: Free Kindle Fire App 7/22

Title: Gunship-II
Rating: 3.6 stars over 201 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: War is raging in Vietnam between the Communist forces of North Vietnam and the Republican forces of South Vietnam. You're an ace helicopter pilot thrown into the fray of Vietnam's toughest air battles. It's time to dust off and get your chopper in the air in Gunship II.

Fly the actual gunships that saw action in the Vietnam War. Play five realistic and deadly missions. You'll fly a different bird in each mission.

Get in the cockpit into legendary aircraft such as the H-34 Choctaw, H-13 Sioux, UH-1D Huey, UH-1B Huey Gunship, and AH-1 Cobra. You're part of the new air mobility tactic where helicopters were heavily used to insert troops into battles, transport supplies and weapons to remote outposts, hover and pick up downed pilots under fire, and fly dangerous low level Hunter-Killer missions.

Get your free copy of Gunship-II!

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