Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blood Duty: Kindle Book of the Day 7/17

We're very excited to announce that you can get Blood Duty, the exciting fantasy romance from J.R. Tomlin for FREE today only! Whether it's the emotion between Tamra and Jessup that gets your heart pounding or their struggle to defend Wayfare Keep from invaders, the story maintains a high level of tension that brings you in and keeps you guessing about what'll happen next. This is a great opportunity to pick this one up for free!

Name: Blood Duty, a Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4.7 stars over 7 reviews
Price: $3.99 0.00
Description: In a remote mountain valley, a scout is tortured and killed in a brutal rite of summoning. An army of demons will soon be on the move. Fellow scout Jessup Inntour wouldn't care very much if the empire he reluctantly serves is attacked, but the woman he loves is another matter.

Tamra Dervon, Captain of the Guard of Wayfare Keep, thinks her biggest problem is her love affair with Jessup. The scout is holding things back from her, and she doesn't know what. But when the seemingly unbeatable army of demons invades, Tamra's personal problems look very small. Tamra and Jessup find themselves leading a last-ditch defense. Their army is defeated. Jessup disappears in the retreat. As Tamra continues the struggle to defend her homeland, she discovers that another duty lies ahead -- to face a demon horde alone.

Reviews: "I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. There was adventure, magic, sword fighting and romance all in one. The story was well written and flowed nicely. I couldn't stop reading it. I wanted the story to continue further. I would definitely recommend to others to read the story of Tamra and Jessup."

Get your copy of Blood Duty, a Fantasy Romance now!

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