Sunday, July 29, 2012

3 More Free Kindle Books for 7/29

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Frost Arch - Fantasy
4.2 stars over 47 reviews

Description: In a future where ignorance has destroyed the world that we know, humans are slaves and Mages - advanced beings with abilities beyond everyday reach - rule the land.

Avalon is one such Mage. Barely eighteen years of age, she wields the gift of fire yet she is unable to control it. She leaves her family in the dead of night and heads to the city of Frost Arch, her future seemingly grim.
Will Avalon be able to overcome the trials that befall her? Will she be able to save the ones she loves and stay strong within herself?

Time will tell.

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Kill City USA - Thriller
4.8 stars over 11 reviews
It’s South Beach, Florida, summertime, and the living’s uneasy for laconic Brit private eye Joe Milo. The local Yardies have a contract on him, he’s rattled a few urns at a mobster’s crematory and funeral home, and he’s also managed to irritate an Irish Republican group who are running arms to terrorists. They all have one wish in common - for Joe to get out of town pronto.

And few things interest Milo as much as a sexy woman packing a loaded gun, so enter Cza, a Miami Cuban FBI Special Agent who thinks he should be locked up. Plus there’s a Technicolor supporting cast of villains, lovers, liars, killers, cheats, bloodsuckers and miscreant clowns, with morality and political correctness as a fools distraction, and dialogue you could dance to.
Soon psychopathic wiseguy Ernie Moresco sends Milo an empty hourglass to be loaded with his ashes, to put the frighteners on him and his enigmatic sidekick Jonah. While Milo enjoys the elegiac quality of the threat, people around him are tending to die in the mayhem of this wittily tangled crime- noir, as Kill City’s about to live up to it’s name...

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Don't Tell the Moon - Romance
4.9 stars over 9 reviews
Description: Devastated by the loss of her husband, Sara has spent the past two years devoting every waking moment to her nursing job, then collapsing in complete exhaustion at the end of each work day, all in an effort to avoid the pain of her loneliness. 

Her only escape is at the movie theater where she can momentarily forget her heartbreak and dream of a happier life, which more and more centers on an imaginary romance with Alex Fleming, her matinee idol. But matinee idols don’t live in the real world, and in Sara’s wildest dreams, their paths will never cross. 
Or will they?

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