Sunday, July 29, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books for 7/29

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Price of a Bounty - Thriller
4.6 stars over 12 reviews

Description: "For a debut novel "Price of a Bounty" delivers. The story gradually becomes more complex as it goes, interweaving multiple stories. I really like the technique Wallace uses with chapters, in that she keeps the same setting for subsequent chapters but from different characters' points-of-view. It's a technique you don't see often, and it's used well here." Marc Buhmann

Keira Maddock lives in a dark future in which the Elite have everything, and everyone else suffers. She is a survivor. Out of necessity, she has become a skilled seductress, thief and bounty hunter – a Freelancer. When a typical job goes awry, it changes everything. Alliances are formed, long kept secrets are revealed and lives are forever changed.

Get your free copy of Price of a Bounty!

A Touch of Magic - YA
4.6 stars over 38 reviews
Description: At the age of fourteen, Randall Miller receives the shock of his life when he discovers that he has the talent--for magic! Unfortunately for him, on Tallia, magic is illegal and the penalty is death.

Tricked into apprenticeship by a powerful Mage, Randall is forced to hide his secret until his mentor is killed by Aiden, head of the secret police.

On the run for his life, Randall teams up with a trio of greedy traders and a capricious imp in his quest for safety.

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Dead in the Trunk - Horror
5.0 stars over 3 reviews
Description: Vicious monkeys and cold-blooded killers. Ghouls, ghosts and vampire girls. Dead wives and dead husbands...and insanity throughout.

Dead in a Trunk. The collected short fiction of published author Craig Saunders.

Terrifying tales and so much more.

Get your free copy of Dead in the Trunk!

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