Friday, July 20, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books for 7/20

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

A Thousand Voices - Memoir
4.9 stars over 18 reviews

Description: A memoir of the remarkable relationship between a young, single woman and the wild, beautiful deaf boy who, for a time, took the place of the son she’d lost, A THOUSAND VOICES is a song of love and grief and a profound meditation on the limits—and the limitlessness—of human language.

Jeri Parker first met Carlos Louis Salazar in 1964, when she was a high school teacher in Ogden, Utah and he was her friend Marianne Bentley’s student at the Utah School for the Deaf. Ten years old but “more otherworldly than childlike,” Carlos “wore his beauty like a gift to the world, but occasionally—and regularly when adolescence went through him like a fire—he ripped at it with something like disdain.”

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The Leopard Tree - YA
5.0 stars over 12 reviews
Description: Three orphans from Kenya stow away on an airplane to embark on a desperate quest to meet the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York City and deliver a message they hope will help millions of homeless and hurting children in Africa. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz becomes their guidebook as they journey alone across the United States. The trio--one with HIV, one blind amputee, and one who hasn't spoken for years after watching her family slaughtered--find themselves embroiled in a situation beyond their imaginations as they get close to meeting their goal. 

The Leopard Tree won the Best Young Adult Fiction Award in 2008 with Writer's Digest International Self-published Competition and a Third Place EVVY in the Fiction Division of Colorado Independent Publisher's Awards in 2008. This book was written with the hope of raising awareness of the millions of people in Africa who suffer the effects of malnutrition,malaria, HIV/AIDS, and the unspeakable atrocities associated with armed conflicts.

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Guilt Trip - Mystery
4.2 stars over 11 reviews
Description: Life in rural Blanco County, Texas, isn't what most folks would call exciting—and that suits game warden John Marlin just fine. He's happy to spend his days and nights protecting the local wildlife from poachers. But when the tequila-slamming, skirt-chasing treasurer of the local Rotary Club goes missing and his vehicle is found in the river the day after a flood, Marlin finds himself in charge of the search efforts. At nearly the same time, a nearby house explodes in a shower of drug paraphernalia, and an exotic car turns up stolen from the missing man's barn. Marlin and Sheriff Bobby Garza are soon overwhelmed, trying to figure out how everything connects together. It isn’t long before events begin to spiral out of control. Edgar Award-nominated author Ben Rehder keeps the plot moving and the laughs coming in another spectacularly funny crime novel straight out of the zaniest imagination in Texas.

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