Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books 7/17

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Seaweed - YA Romance
4.7 stars over 6 reviews

Description: A teen swim athlete discovers a merfolk world that threatens to keep her out of the ocean forever.

Dori Seward can’t wait to get out of Eastcove, a sleepy fishing village on the border of New Brunswick and Maine. She bides her time by hanging out with friends, attending swim club, and holding her biggest competition, Colby–who wants more than just friendship, at arm’s length.

Then Tor Riley comes to town and he has everything Dori dreams of in a boyfriend–looks, athleticism and mystery.

But Tor also has a tantalizing secret and Dori is determined to find out what it is. The truth is crazier than her wildest imaginations and more dangerous, too.

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Heaven's Gate - Adventure
5.0 stars over 1 review
Description: None fear death more than the damned, Samuel Blake has lived longer than any man has a right to by drinking the blood of the undead. He knows that this stolen vitality must damn him but it is also his only means to escape the final judgement he knows is coming. He must endure until he can find the gates of heaven itself.

He is not alone in his quest though his victims share his longevity and they are also looking for a way out of a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous for them. Some of them even remember a time before the desert became all humanity knew. Sam must rediscover what was lost braving the darkness in hope of salvation.

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That Bear Ate My Pants - Travel/Humor
4.7 stars over 57 reviews
Description: Tony James Slater went to Ecuador, determined to become a man.
It never occurred to him that 'or die trying' might be an option...

The trouble with volunteering in a South American animal refuge is that everything wants a piece of you. And the trouble with being Tony, is that most of them got one.

Just how do you 'look after' something that's trying it's damnedest to kill you and eat you?
And how do you find love when you a) don't speak the language, and b) are constantly covered in excrement and entrails?

If only he'd had some relevant experience. Other than owning a pet rabbit when he was nine. And if only he'd bought some travel insurance...

That Bear Ate My Pants is the hilarious tale of one man's quest to better himself. Whether losing a machete fight with a tree, picking dead tarantulas out of a tank of live ones or sewing the head back on to a partially decapitated crocodile, Tony's misadventures are ridiculous, unbelievable and always entertaining.

Get your free copy of That Bear Ate My Pants!

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