Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scott Nicholson Box Set: Kindle Book of the Day 6/20

Incredible value, entertaining stories, and a price you can't beat: that's what we've got today in the box set from #1 best-selling author Scott Nicholson, a prolific and gifted writer of suspense, mystery, and the paranormal. You'll get some of all of that and more in this impressive collection, which includes The Harvest, The Vampire Club, Burial to Follow, and Drummer Boy. Considering stopping after just one of these highly rated novels is impossible, you'll save big and be doing yourself a favor with the box set. Hundreds of thousands of fans can't be wrong!

Name: Scott Nicholson Library Box Set
Rating: 5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Price: $7.99 4.99
Description: A boxed set of four novels of supernatural suspense, fantasy, and mystery from a #1 Kindle bestselling author. More than 270,000 words of fiction, featuring the complete text of:

THE HARVEST: When an alien infection spreads in a small Appalachian town, an unlikely trio must find the source before all the residents are changed into something sinister and bizarre.

THE VAMPIRE CLUB: When a group of young vampire enthusiasts discover vampires are real, one of them must make a dark choice to preserve the undead kind they cherish. Written with J.R. Rain.

BURIAL TO FOLLOW: Roby Snow's mission is to help the deceased cross to an afterlife he himself can never reach, and if he fails, he faces a fate worse than death.

DRUMMER BOY: One misfit kid is all that stands between a small Appalachian town and a chilling supernatural force.

Reviews: "If you're looking for a good sampling of one of the most prolific authors to emerge in the E-Book revolution, then this is it. Scott writes in many different genres, but all of his books have one thing in common: excellent writing skill and a high level of "readability". This 4-book set includes 1) Aliens/Horror: "The Harvest", rated 4 stars on 58 reviews, set in Appalachia. 2) Vampire Fiction in "The Vampire Club", written with co-author J.R. Rain, with lots of references to "The Lost Boys, rated 4 stars on 18 reviews 3) An eerie novella, "Burial to Follow", rated 4 stars on 28 reviews and 4) Paranormal/Supernatural "Drummer Boy", rated 4.5 stars on 43 reviews, with echoes of the Civil War."

Get your copy of Scott Nicholson Library Box Set now!

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