Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Free Kindle Books 6/16

An elderly woman looks back on her full life, her youth, and her complicated marriage in These Granite Islands, a highly rated novel of relationship drama. Highly rated and entrancing, this is one you'll love! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Blood Awakening - Paranormal Romance
4.4 stars over 22 reviews

Description: Adriana Claymore moved to Martinique to start a new life, but when she stumbles upon an ancient book, she finds herself drawn into a centuries old battle between brothers. "Sorcier" Julien Dubois has been on the hunt for his twin, Jacques, ever since the day that Jacques stole a book of spells from him and allowed their younger brother to die.

Adriana is about to change the game, but when she gives her heart and soul to one of the brothers, she must face a difficult question. Did she lose herself to evil?

Get your free copy of Blood Awakening!

Vertical Gardening - Nonfiction
5.0 stars over 6 reviews
Description: Vertical Gardening - Bountiful Harvest in Small Places was written by Don Evans, an avid gardener who enjoys things a little "different" in his garden. Designed to be concise and simple, with detailed plans and instruction on building Vertical Planting apparatuses from everyday materials found in any backyard and local hardware shop - and certainly won't break the bank.

Inside you'll find...

A look at the idea behind Vertical Gardening, whether as a focal point in an existing garden layout, or as a means to enjoy gardening in tight spaces.

Get your free copy of Vertical Gardening!

Evil Does It - Suspense
5.0 stars over 20 reviews
Description: She was no match for a soulless enemy. And still she had to fight.

Julia Fleming, a stunningly beautiful and successful business woman, and Wilson Streatfield, a cool and distant research scientist, are the perfect professional couple. Though their marriage lacks passion, for ten years it has served them both well, producing a comfortable home with two cherished children in the care of a loving, trusted nanny.

But the practical balance that is Julia's life shatters when her husband makes a startling scientific discovery that promises to revolutionize the world--a breakthrough that a powerful, deadly force will do anything to prevent. First, the long-faithful Wilson suddenly leaves her, seemingly for the arms of another woman. Then, her children mysteriously disappear--taken with the help of those Julia trusted most. Trapped in a terrifying nightmare, Julia must smash the boundaries of her sheltered life and play a game of hunter and prey that could save her family...or destroy them all.

Get your free copy of Evil Does It!

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