Saturday, June 23, 2012

Keys to the Spirit World: Kindle Book of the Day 6/23

If you're looking to get in touch with your spirituality or have problems in your life that need to be resolved, the bestselling book Keys to the Spirit World from healer and author Jennifer O'Neill is here to help. It describes getting in touch with your Spirit Guides to relieve tension and improve your life. Plus, this book has one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen. See what this wildly popular book can show you!

Name: Keys to the Spirit World
Rating: 4.2 stars over 21 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Who are your Spirit Guides? 

This book does not only cover “who” your Spirit Guides are, but you will also learn “why” you have Spirit Guides.

Keys to the Spirit World covers:

What do Spirit Guides look like?
How do Spirit Guides communicate?
What is it like to receive communications from spirits or Spirit Guides?
Chakras and spirit communication
10 Tips for working with spirits and Spirit Guides
Communication with Spirit Guides through writing
Spirit communication through dreaming
Spirit Guide communication meditation
5 Common “blocks” that keep people from developing spirit communication

Reviews: "Jennifer's Book Key's to the spirit world, is a easy to understand reference guide on how to communicate with your spirit guides. I love the easy to follow flow of the book explaining how spirit guides, become spirit guides, and how they are here to help us along with our lifes journey. I especially love the section, on our 7 chakras on how they are important with spirit communication. I have read many books pretaining to spirit communication, but this is by far the best, easy to understand, and shortest version. A great book for the beginner wanting to learn about spirit communication. I would definately recommend!!!"

Get your copy of Keys to the Spirit World now!

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