Sunday, June 17, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books for 6/17

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled - Coming of Age
4.1 stars over 48 reviews

Description: Meet Colin Preston. 19 years old and a student at Elerby University in upstate New York.
He drinks too much. Lives for the Beatles, John Lennon and classic rock.
Falls for the most beautiful sophomore on campus.
His life is about to change forever.

Funny. Moving. Honest. Raw.
An entertaining coming of age novel about friendship,
music, first love and betrayal.

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Some Day Somebody - Romance
5.0 stars over 22 reviews
Description: Carrie Jeansonne wasn't looking for trouble or love...but they found her anyway. Can she avoid trouble long enough to give real love a chance?

Her plan for the rest of her life: Education (check), Career (check), Provide for her three teenagers (check), Divorce controlling, horn-dog of a husband (somewhat nasty, but progressing), and find some happiness (not so easy it turns out). The thirty-six year old mother wants to concentrate on her new drafting career in Road Design with no added complications – is that too much to ask?

Enter Sam Langley: Knocking on forty, single, and hating it. Formerly the office clown, his morose mood has prompted his co-workers to dub him 'Oscar the Grouch' in the year since his wife’s departure and his divorce. After clashing with his new, outspoken co-worker, the surveyor can’t help but be drawn to this brassy, sassy lady with her take no prisoner attitude.

What are you afraid of? Here's how to find out.

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Trial of Tears - Thriller
4.1 stars over 11 reviews
Description: Pete Watts is a former undercover narcotics cop who got way too close to his job. He now runs a music rehearsal studio in which all manner of eccentric musicians come through. His soon to be ex-girlfriend is a talented singer with a sleazy manager who is in the habit of giving his clients drug habits, occasionally overdosing them to move their recordings up the charts, with the full support of the shady entertainment company for whom he works.

This universe of people is inexorably drawn into a war between two violent drug gangs, viewed through the perspective of the Napoleonic leader of one gang. He has recently signed on a strange, but beautiful ex-mercenary, who wears makeup in the form of multi-colored tears running down her face. These tears are, in fact, decals on which different poisons are concealed, hence the title. Some survive the Trial of Tears, some don’t. The story’s taut climax is set in a posh townhouse in which only the courageous will emerge unscathed.

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