Monday, May 28, 2012

Sold on You: Kindle Book of the Day 5/28

The sizzling contemporary romance Sold on You from Best-Selling author Sophia Knightly is bound to put you in the mood. But more than just heating you up, Knightly adeptly uses humor from both the male lead and the grandma to give this story some three-dimensional appeal. Altogether, this is a book that knows how to put the moves on you. Let it sweep you off your feet!

Name: Sold on You
Rating: 4.6 stars over 16 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Just Say Yes!

Confirmed bachelor Dr. Marcos Calderon is in hot water. He needs to come up with a fake fiancĂ©e fast or he’ll disappoint his beloved grandma who’s arriving on the next flight to meet her. Proper social worker Gabriela Morales should fit the bill—but tonight, in that sexy, slit-to-there red evening gown, she looks anything but proper.

Gabriela only volunteered for the hospital’s charity bachelorette auction to benefit a cause dear to her heart. Now she’s reeling from the hot doctor’s bid of fifteen thousand dollars for a weekend date with her! She’s not sure what Dr. Handsome has in mind, but the smoldering look in his eyes is unmistakable…

Reviews: "I loved this book! Ms. Knightly uses humor to creat a sexy love story amid the soft, gentle breezes of sunny Naples, Florida. The heroine,Gabriela, is delightful and the hero, Marcos--one hot catch! The matchmaking grandma is a hoot! It is one holiday the reader won't soon forget. Can't wait to read more from her!"

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  1. This book is great fun--a perfect beach read!
    Stephanie Queen

  2. Excellent author, fantastic book!

  3. Thank you very much, Stephanie and Kristine!

  4. Thanks for letting us know! :)

  5. Already on my Kindle waiting to be read. This just makes me more eager to get to it.

  6. What a terrific read. I couldn't put it down.


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