Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for May 27th

The strict rules of society can't stop a young girl from doing what she has to do: hunt werewolves! "Camille" is a charming and addictive Best-Selling paranormal romance! Check it out now. .99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

The Yellow Line - Contemporary
4.5 stars over 13 reviews


In one instant the Cameron family's lives changed forever.

Now, Alana Cameron must have the courage to put her life back together.

Will she find the strength to trust and love again?

A voice from the past may hold the key to her sanity.

Get your free copy of The Yellow Line!

She's Gotta Be Mine - Romantic Comedy
5.0 stars over 2 reviews
Description: Dumped? For her husband’s high school sweetheart he hasn’t seen in twenty years? Roberta Jones Spivey isn’t going to lay down for that. Instead, she reinvents herself and the new Bobbie Jones—new haircut, new name, new attitude—follows her soon-to-be ex to the small Northern California town of Cottonmouth.

What better way to show him—and his sweetheart—what he’s missing in the brand new Bobbie Jones than taking up with the town’s local bad boy—who’s also reputed to be a serial killer. Nick Angel is devilishly handsome and sexy as all get-out. In a word, perfect.

It’s all going exactly according to plan...until a real murder rocks the little town of Cottonmouth. Of course, Nick didn’t do it...did he?

Get your free copy of She's Gotta Be Mine!

Forgotten Soldiers - Historical
5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Description: Cold War Mystery about Air Force Captain Jacob Walden shot down over Vietnam in 1970 and the untold story of why he never returned home. Forty years later Journalist Ted Pratt investigates what may be the sudden reappearance of Jacob Walden and follows the trail to find Jacob.

Ted encounters Charlie Smith, a secretive and seasoned Operative who may have answers to the question about “What Happened to Jacob Walden,” and why Jake never returned home.

Get your free copy of Forgotten Soldiers!

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