Friday, May 18, 2012

More Free Kindle Books 5/18

Not since Men in Black has there been a futuristic humor story this fun! Check out Tritium Gambit, where a secret service veteran and rookie take on aliens with hilarious results! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Stranded with a Scotsman - Romance
5.0 stars over 3 reviews

Description: Lady Victoria (Cori) Spencer doesn't particularly mind being stuck in a refuge hut three feet above the rising tide in the middle of the night. She's fallen in love with Lindisfarne, the tiny island off the north-east coast of England that's isolated from the mainland by the sea twice a day. The problem is that she's not alone. She's stranded in a ten-by-four-foot wooden box for four hours with Ewan Macbeth, and that's not going to end well. She's either going to kill him or kiss him-and she's not sure which option is the most likely.

Ewan flew back from the States when his sister told him Cori had become engaged to a man she didn't love just to please her father. The Earl once threw Ewan out when he found him kissing his daughter, prompting her to end their relationship. Ewan's never forgotten her, and even though he's certain there can never be anything between them again, he's damned if he's going to let her marry a man who doesn't appreciate her.

Get your free copy of Stranded with a Scotsman!

Tuesday's Child - Horror
4.4 stars over 37 reviews
Description: What she doesn’t exactly what he needs.

Shunned and ridiculed all her life for something she can’t control, Samantha Blair hides her psychic abilities and lives on the fringes of society. Against her will, however, she’s tapped into a killer—or rather, his victims. Each woman’s murder, blow-by-blow, ravages her mind until their death releases her back to her body. Sam knows she must go to the authorities, but will the rugged, no-nonsense detective in charge of tracking down the killer believe her?

Detective Brandt Sutherland only trusts hard evidence, yet Sam’s visions offer clues he needs to catch a killer. The more he learns about her incredible abilities, however, the clearer it becomes that Sam’s visions have put her in the killer’s line of fire. Now Brandt must save her from something he cannot see or understand…and risk losing his heart in the process.

As danger and desire collide, passion raises the stakes in a game Sam and Brandt don’t dare lose.

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Life Your Way - Nonfiction
4.9 stars over 68 reviews
Description: Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World is a breath of fresh air in the crowded self-help market. Unlike the hundreds of existing personal and professional improvement books boasting idealistic and fleeting relief from modern pressures -- Have, Do and Be It All in Ten Easy Steps! Reinvent Yourself By Friday! - this timely book teaches a practical, reality-based, and enduring program for staying grounded and encouraged amid the overwhelm of our hectic modern age. Author Amy Wood, Psy.D., a seasoned psychologist with wide-ranging experience in understanding and facilitating healthy adult development, offers a real solution to our national stress problem by showing you how to embrace the realities of our perpetually overwhelmed culture and go within to restructure and update your fundamental approach to personal and professional success on your terms. Using inspiring examples from her life and work, the author communicates in a conversational style the psychological theory and social context behind her recommendations, making this a simultaneously sophisticated, stimulating, and down to earth self-help read. This immensely engaging and enjoyable book is suitable for consumers as well as counselors and coaches wishing to use the book to guide their clients.

Get your free copy of Life Your Way!

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