Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Kennedy Rifle: Kindle Book of the Day 5/16

I have to admit the idea for The Kennedy Rifle by author J.K. Brandon is a fascinating one. A frantic search for the real rifle, an innocent man stumbling upon a cover-up that could cost him his life, and a female companion who leads him out into the desert. The action, the fast pace, and the crisp dialogue blow strong gusts of life into this thriller, ultimately giving you the unsettling thought that a conspiracy like this might be possible. Get this book...before they get you!

Name: The Kennedy Rifle
Rating: 3.7 stars over 22 reviews
Price: 3.47
Description: Like JFK, Michael Cole's father was shot in Dealey Plaza that day, wounded by a shot from the Grassy Knoll...or so he said. His claim triggers years of research by his son. As a court-certified expert on firearms and ballistics, Michael Cole writes a book about a second Dallas assassin and the weapon likely used. Cole is ridiculed, his reputation nearly destroyed. Finally, with the death of his father and the passing of five decades, Cole abandons his search for the truth.  Meanwhile, his book attracts some unwanted attention from those originally involved.

One day a woman comes to his office with killer looks and an unbelievable story. Kate Marlowe says she has proof of a JFK assassination conspiracy, that her uncle was bodyguard and driver for the assassin on the Grassy Knoll. After JFK's murder in 1963, he drove to Arizona to lay low and hide the sniper rifle. Now near death, he confesses his crime and the rifle's location to her. Go get the rifle, he tells her. Show the world what really happened. Kate travels to Arizona to enlist the help of Michael Cole and locate the true assassin's rifle.

Before they can find it, rumors surface of the Kennedy Rifle and a mysterious auction on the fiftieth anniversary. Billionaire collectors, criminal arms-dealers, and coup d'etat participants join the hunt. Some want the truth, some want the truth buried, but all want the rifle...and Kate and Cole dead.

Reviews: "This is a fast-paced, pager-turner that takes protagonist Michael Cole through the Southern Arizona desert on a chase for the rifle (the real one) that killed JFK. He does this with the assistance of a mysterious blond who may or may not be the one he was waiting for. The dialogue is great. The characters are interesting. The protagonist is handsome and intelligent, but not in a boring way. I've read other books that center on the Kennedy assassination, and I liked this better as it seems more believable and based in reality. It has a twist I didn't see coming and a payoff at the end."

Get your copy of The Kennedy Rifle now!

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