Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Kindle Books and Eye of the Wizard Sale!

Mega-Bestselling fantasy author Daniel Arenson has been delighting fans by the tens of thousands, and now you can pick up the first book in his top-selling Misfit Heroes series, Eye of the Wizard, for just 99 cents today only!
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Lucky at Love - Romance
4.7 stars over 19 reviews

Description: Many controversial topics have captured the interest of Allison Tyler-Wilcox in her 13 years as a journalist, but writting about the often-divorced never crossed her mind. Not, that is, until she encounters Jake Sorenson, a man who has been unsuccessfully married seven times, and by his own admission, has not closed the door on the possibility of tying the knot again. Far from being ashamed of his matrimonial failures, Jake considers himself to be uncommonly lucky at love. Smug in her own sense of marital security and superiority, Allison cannot get Jake and his seemingly ridiculous optimism out of her head. She wonders how some people could bring themselves to step up to the altar time after time with such unsatisfying, often disastrous results. Convincing her skeptical editor that she is on to a compelling story, Allison Begins her quest for understanding the resiliency of the human heart at the Buckin' J Ranch, with Jake Sorenson as her primary source of research material. What she doesn't realize until she comes face to face with the highly charismatic man once again is that she's outmatched by Jake, an individual who has learned far more about love and life than she has at first appreciated.

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Daughter of the Bamboo Forest - Historical/China
4.5 stars over 19 reviews
Description: Alone in the bamboo forest, seven-year-old Little Jade, still dressed in red silk after her father's recent wedding, wonders whether she will ever meet her real mother. DAUGHTER OF THE BAMBOO FOREST is a story set in war-torn, post-revolutionary China during the 1940s.

From age seven to twelve, Little Jade longs for the attention of an opium-addicted father and clashes with a desperate, resentful stepmother. The young girl is inadvertently swept by the tides of history, encountering a plague that decimated a village, Catholic nuns in a convent school, and the fabled dragon king along the way.

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NutJob: A Squirrel's Dozen Secret Tips To Productivity - Nonfiction
4.7 stars over 7 reviews
Description: Have you ever watched a squirrel?  I mean, REALLY watched one?  Author Micah Moss has, and he's harvested a bushel of productivity tips from these energetic creatures and shares them with you in: NutJob: A Squirrel's Dozen Secret Tips to Productivity.

NutJob is a microcosmic gaze into the world of ultra-productive squirrels; through quirky humor, Micah brings it full circle and shows how these principles manifest in his own writing regimen. These little chapters have big missions that fill over 40+ pages of escape and introspection.  Enjoy hanging out with these small wonders, and who knows?  You just might learn something!

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