Friday, May 25, 2012

Dolphin Girl: Kindle Book of the Day 5/25

"Dolphin Girl, author Shel Delisle's first novel, is a story of family, friendship, first loves and most importantly - freedom." I just love that line, which perfectly encompasses so many things that are important to me that I love reading about. I love reading about characters finding themselves while fighting off social pressures, struggling to make sense of their identities. Jane needs that for herself just as she needs her friends and her family. This is a touching story we can all sympathize with. And it's a steal at just 99 cents!

Name: Dolphin Girl
Rating: 4.8 stars over 17 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: Jane Wants The Life Of A Dolphin.
Wild. Graceful. Free.

But these days her life is nothing like that. Between her mother's strict rules and the cliques at school, she feels strapped in a child-sized life vest. It's not until Jane gets a tattoo and befriends popular Sam Rojas, a star on the school's swim team, that her life feels freer. She begins to wonder: Is there a way to be myself and not be alone?

While she navigates these murky waters, a wave of events crash down on her, separating her from her family, her best friend Lexie and Sam, who Jane's fallen fin over tail for. Now she must figure out how to surf through rough seas without having everything she cares about pulled under.

DOLPHIN GIRL, author Shel Delisle's first novel, is a story of family, friendship, first loves and most importantly - freedom.

Reviews: "Great book! Jane is artsy and free-spirited, trapped in a stifling home life. Things aren't much better for her at school where she feels confined by cliques and social mores. A kindred spirit of dolphins, Jane longs for open waters. When she falls for Sam, a sweet guy who's "off limits" because he's from a different "pod," Jane seeks the courage to remove the constraints in her life that hold her back. The characters are true to life and richly drawn. I especially loved the interwoven story of Jane's brother John and his wife Desiree, which shows how life can get messy and still be good. Dolphin Girl is a tale of freedom, family, friendship, and love. A thoroughly enjoyable read!"

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  1. Thanks, Kindle Fire Department for working your BOTD magic!

    1. The book looks great, Shel! Hopefully people take advantage of this. :)


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