Sunday, May 20, 2012

3 More Free Kindle Books 5/20

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Gold and Fishes - Contemporary
3.9 stars over 11 reviews

Description: For Canadian aid worker Ayla Harris, her first overseas mission to post-tsunami Indonesia presents the perfect opportunity for escape. A failed romance with a married man and a strained relationship with her twin sister have left her suffering a general sense of ‘detachment’.

But a late night call on the eve of her departure reminds Ayla the bonds of love can be tenacious. It turns out her wheeler-dealer brother-in-law, Robert Trasque, has gone missing in Thailand.

However, it is the injured orphan Mahdi who restores Ayla’s soul with a single word: mother. In his child’s eyes she discovers the extent of her connection to the world.

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Year of the Dead - Horror
4.3 stars over 71 reviews
Description: An advanced alien civilization sends out probes to study and preserve different planetary cultures and biospheres. A probe evaluates Earth and determines that humanity is headed toward extinction due to self-inflicted environmental degradation. In order to make Earth sustainable and to save humanity, the probe decides that Earth’s population must be radically reduced.

The probe is programmed with prime directives that force it to make all interventions culturally appropriate. Since pop culture is full of movies describing the end of the world by zombies and vampires, the probe manufactures viruses that create an outbreak of these creatures. Ninety-eight percent of humanity is wiped out by culturally-sensitive environmentalist aliens who are here to save us.

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Root Cellar Handbook: A No-Fluff Guide To Planning, Designing And Building Your Food Preservation Cellar - Nonfiction
5.0 stars over 2 reviews
Description: It sounds like a gross exaggeration to describe root cellaring as revolutionary, but the effects it could have on your diet and lifestyle would be nothing short of life-changing. This humble, age-old idea of simply keeping your food underground can be the basis for a more sustainable diet and lifestyle, all the while making healthy eating both more convenient and much more affordable.

Let this book serve as a quick guide for you to get started building your own root cellar. We will lay out everything from how to plan your root cellar, various designs, what materials you will need and actually how to build a root cellar.

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