Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for April 19th

Full of hilarious observations about parenting, little annoyances, and life, Deedee Divine's Totally Skewed Guide to Life is about to add some laughter to your day! Check it out now! 3.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

The Aslaric Vampire - Vampires
4.6 stars over 32 reviews

Description: An Aslaric Vampire is not affected by Holy Water or garlic beads.

He or she is not affected by sunlight or crosses.

They do not sleep in coffins or create other vampires by biting humans on the neck.

~They are the new rulers of the vampire kingdom. They are Aslaric.~

18 year old Bristol has to go without love for 225 years in order for her and her family to receive all of their powers. It has been 220 years, and she has just met a 17 year old human named Marvin. Can Bristol go the extra 5 years without falling for Marvin?

Get your free copy of The Aslaric Vampire!

Wildblossom - Historical Romance
5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Description: Impetuous, courageous Shelby Matthews moves from Deadwood to Cody, Wyoming to manage her father’s new ranch. She plots an outrageous scheme to raise funds for improvements by playing poker.

Dashing, witty Geoffrey Weston, Marquess of Sandhurst, arrives in Wyoming for one last adventure before he submits to an arranged marriage to save the family estates.

When Geoff steps off the train in Cody, Shelby thinks he’ll be an easy mark in her poker game. However, he quickly wins half her ranch and has no intention of letting her out of the bet. It’s the beginning of a magical, impossible romance that takes the couple across the sea to England, where Shelby performs with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and Geoff, now a Duke, wrestles with conflicts between duty and the painful longings of his heart.

Get your free copy of Wildblossom!

The Deliverer - Fantasy
4.7 stars over 26 reviews
Description: Prophecies are not always clear. That is what seventeen-year-old Silas Ainsley learns when he finds himself in a realm called Marenon.

The people of Marenon are on the brink of war and many of them claim that Silas is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy that can save them. Each group wants to use him for their own purposes, but he doesn't know who is trustworthy.

Forced to make his way through Marenon alone, Silas finds himself with a band of lawless mercenaries, knowing he must uncover the meaning of the prophecy before Marenon falls to ruin.

The only way to get to Marenon is to die, and Silas has just arrived.

Get your free copy of The Deliverer!

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