Friday, April 13, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for 4/13

Addictive and imaginative, The Curse Girl is a magical retelling of Beauty and the Beast that will sweep you off your feet! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Setup on Front Street - Suspense
4.3 stars over 16 reviews

Description: Key West, 1991. Don Roy Doyle is back in town. Tough and quick-witted, he's fresh out of prison, where he served three years for a diamond swindle. Now he's back to collect his share of the proceeds, about $200,000, but the money has vanished.

A local family dynasty which has controlled the island's politics for generations, a cop with a grudge, the FBI, and the Russian mob all have a stake in the action. They're convinced Cuba is on the verge of "opening up", and they all want Doyle gone.

In this tightly-knit town, who can be trusted? And how long can Doyle stay alive?

Get your free copy of Setup on Front Street!

The Sin Collector - Supernatural
4.5 stars over 15 reviews
Description: "The Sin Collector" follows the life of Liliana, a born Sin Collector. She has spent over 100 years absorbing people's sins so they may rest in peace come death. However when she meets another Collector, one who insists everything she has been taught is a lie, Liliana must make her way from sunny L.A. all the way to the streets of Madrid. Searching for answers to a question we all share. Why are we here? The friends and enemies she makes along the way only seem to blur the line between right and wrong. Can Liliana fight the Castus, an organization whose sole mission is to kill every Collector? Should she trust her head or her heart when the two most important men in her life are fighting alongside her?

Then there is the worst question of all, who will be left when the dust settles?

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The Weight of Glass - Thriller
4.5 stars over 44 reviews
Description: Hidden in Amy Macon’s memoir, as much a mystery as a survival guide for a torturous childhood, is the need to stitch together the fabric of a family's dark history.

Her brother, Lee Macon, can't forget waking up inside his mother's coffin or the memory of the man who put him there. That's a secret he’s kept from Amy for 30 years.

But if there's one thing they understand, it's out of a houseful of children, only two of them remain alive. Now, in the wake of their youngest sister’s murder, Amy must have the truth, knowing it will ease the scars brought on by time, if not the ones carved in her wrists. In this, Lee finds himself blindsided by a sister’s resolve, drawn up by the corners of a broken heart and forced to share what, as a boy, he so desperately fought to conceal. Problem is no one said it would be easy digging up the dead. It never is. Sifting through the bones of the past, means piecing together the mystery of a family long buried in violence.

Get your free copy of The Weight of Glass!

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