Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Free Kindle Books 4/26

In case you missed it earlier, we made the super-exciting announcement that Draw Something is now available for the Kindle Fire! We also had some people ask about a stylus, and there's a great one available for 73% off! Happy drawing!

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Invisible Armies - Technothriller
4.8 stars over 6 reviews

Description: 1926 - A simple error in judgment leaves James Raven a broken man – his wife dead, and his infant son, motherless. He goes back home seeking solace, only to find more sorrow – and Esther Barton, his father's hired girl – a woman he holds in contempt.

Missteps seal James’s fate. The penance? His child, now in the care of the one he had scorned, suffers abuse and neglect. The woman James judged unacceptable, now judges him. Trapped and helpless, he can only watch in horror.

Who will save the Ravens when they cannot save themselves…and at what cost?

Their salvation ends with blood on their hands, and they must bury their sins, deep in the Loess Hills of Missouri.

Get your free copy of Invisible Armies!

Splintered Energy - Adventure
5.0 stars over 9 reviews
Description: Waves of pure energy are quite happy hanging in the cosmos, traveling at the speed of light to brighten up the sky--until dawn breaks. Literally.

When sentient light fractures, it zaps into human bodies and becomes trapped. Without any memories to guide them, a handful of confused beings whose skin tones are now specific colors, struggle to understand humanity while it's quite clear they shouldn't be in this world. The few humans clued in to Earth's invasion don't flutter, but are drawn to their fiery fate with hearts wide open as they fight to survive.

Get your free copy of Splintered Energy!

The Fragrance of Her Name - Historical
4.3 stars over 21 reviews
Description: Love, the miraculous, eternal bond which binds two souls together. Lauryn Kensington knew the depth of it. Since the day of her eighth birthday, she had lived the power of true love; witnessed it with her own heart. She had talked with it, learning not even time or death can vanquish it. The Captain taught her these truths. And she loved him all the more for it.

But now, a grown woman, Lauryn’s dear Captain’s torment became her own. After ten years, Lauryn had not been able to help him find peace—the peace his lonely spirit needed so desperately; peace he’d sought every moment since his death over fifty years before.
Now, what of her own peace? The time had come and Lauryn’s heart longed to do the unthinkable—selfishly abandon her Captain for another—a mortal man who had stolen her heart, becoming her only desire.

Would Lauryn be able to put tormented spirits to rest and still be true to her own soul? Or, would she have to make a choice—a choice forcing her to sacrifice one true love for another?

Get your free copy of The Fragrance of Her Name!


  1. Gadget, you rock! I haven't told you that for a while, but I still NEVER miss a post. Thanks for all you do. :)

    1. You're welcome! Hope things are good for you lately, Shannon! :)


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