Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Heart Series: Kindle Book of the Day

In a little bit of a break from what we normally do, we're featuring the books in The Heart Series from author T.K. Richardson. Featuring one of the most dazzling covers I've seen, the book takes us into a unique world where Lilly Paige discovers she has the ability to peer into the hearts of others, to understand their intentions no matter what lies they tell. Though that might sound flashy, what really draws readers to the book are the solid character building, the fun splash of Russian culture, and a story that gets you invested. Not exactly a cheap book, but worth picking up at least the sample for those interested in a great story!

Name: The Heart Series: Return the Heart and Shield the Heart
Rating: 4.5 stars over 6 reviews
Price: 7.99

To a casual passerby, Lilly Paige is anything but special. As a seventeen year old, she is faced with all the complications of a teenager, but deep down there is much more. Lilly has a gift, though sometimes it seems to be a curse. Lilly can peer into the hearts of others – their deepest, darkest secrets are there for Lilly to see – but to what end? Raised by aloof parents, Lilly has been independent her whole life, but soon she will need to rely on her friends to evade an evil that has sold her gift to the highest bidder on the black market. Lilly and her four closest friends are immersed in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, that will not only reveal more about Lilly’s gift, but also her link to an old Russian prophecy. Can Lilly and her friends escape the danger that is so close they can practically feel it? Where will their perilous journey lead them – to darkness or light?

Reviews: The story was action packed, but it also did a great job at balancing character development. Lots of bad guy butt kicking and outsmarting them at their own game. I was bouncing in my seat and trying to read faster to see what would happen next. I did get confused sometimes on which bad guys were which. There were a lot to keep up with. But as I kept reading the scene, it would clear it all up. Another great aspect was the Russian prophecy that plays a big role in the plot. Richardson did a great job at withholding and revealing information at all the right times. Every time I figured one thing out, there was another that I was dying to know. That is the sign of a great story teller. I was very happy with the ending, but still left craving more. I know there is quite a bit more adventure (and romance) awaiting these characters, and I can't to dive back in with them.

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