Monday, April 23, 2012

3 More Free Books for 4/23

Starting off with a fantastic fantasy novel that both men and women will enjoy, don't miss Talon of the Unnamed Goddess! Beautiful and riveting! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Crimson Soul - Horror
4.0 stars over 5 reviews

Description: Crimson Harper--such a young girl, just a teenager--has all but accepted her tragic fate as the Bell Maiden. Her task is to locate the Bell Gate, a conduit for summoning all the evil of Hell into our mortal world, and see it sealed until another girl is called upon. Thankfully, she is not alone in her struggles; a plan begins to take shape when she meets Melissa O'Shea.

But nothing could have prepared these two unlikely yet prophesied allies for the horrors that await them on their journey.

There's no turning back, and there's no fighting fate. With courage and loyalty, Crimson and Melissa will learn that "happily ever after" is in the eye of the beholder.

Get your free copy of Crimson Soul!

Falling Uphill - Humor/Romance
4.6 stars over 7 reviews
Description: “Ruth Fenton is dead, but what does that have to do with me?” That’s what Candace Grey, 29, wants to know after receiving a puzzling phone message from San Francisco. A bright, but slightly absent-minded anthropology teacher at a small Michigan college, Candace is all set to leave for Los Angeles to conduct research on 1960s TV star Pamela Parrish—America’s Sitcom Sweetheart—for her Master’s thesis on television and female gender roles. But after discovering that Ruth Fenton is a long lost relative, she’s first off to San Francisco for her memorial service where she meets a crazy(?) old lady who claims Pamela Parrish didn’t commit suicide like everybody says—she was murdered. Now Candace has to get to the bottom of it, all while fighting the nagging feeling that her long-time professor boyfriend back home is getting a little too close to one of his students, and at the same time wondering if new-found friend Brandon, a newspaper reporter and budding painter who lives on a hidden stairway street in the hills of San Francisco, is really the guy for her. It’s a funny, but moving, uphill climb for Candace who finds that things are rarely what they seem in the ups and downs of love or in discovering a surprising secret about her not-so-perfect mother, or unearthing the truth behind the death of America’s Sitcom Sweetheart.

Get your free copy of Falling Uphill!

No Turning Back - Romantic Suspense
4.7 stars over 25 reviews
Description: Kathleen Turner has goals. She moved to Indianapolis to start seeing to them, but things aren't going quite as well as she'd hoped. She's a runner for a high-powered law firm in town, not the most prestigious of positions, but it and her part-time bartender gig at least pays the bills. And one of the senior partners is a dreamboat in that obscenely rich, disturbingly good looking, slightly snobbish sort of way.

She was quite happy ogling him from afar, before she did a mortifying face plant in his lap during a meeting. After that...well...she was more about the avoiding. Mature, no. More likely to assure she keeps her job, yes.

She's made some friends in the few months she's been in Indy. One of those friends is her neighbor Sheila, though Kathleen can't say she's completely comfortable with Sheila's job choice as a high-dollar escort.

It's the middle of the night when Kathleen hears fighting coming from Sheila's apartment. As disturbing as that is, it's the ominous sound of silence afterwards that keeps Kathleen from falling back to sleep. Slipping from bed with the intention of making sure everything is okay, Kathleen knocks on her friend's door, only to find Sheila murdered, her naked body sprawled on sheets stained crimson with her blood.

Get your free copy of No Turning Back!

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